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In Casa Nori (Mr. Nori's house), which is located in Podil, you can choose the desired format of the evening: a nice informal chat at the bar with your friends with a glass of wine and a set of snacks in hand with pleasant music on the first floor or comfortable family\romantic evening on the second floor at a table near a window or with a view of the open kitchen.

With local gastro scene booming, Kyiv city dwellers became hard to impress with any new restaurant or bar popping up in the capital of Ukraine these days. To solve this conundrum, the owner of newly opened Dusha («Soul» in Ukrainian) Cocktail Espresso came up with an interesting idea of merging several popular dining and bar concepts to offer an interesting and fresh solution for enjoying food, drinks and unique atmosphere in one place.

Many of us, kids and adults alike, love candies. Luckily, there are vegan brands and makers in Kyiv who produce 100% percent vegan and cruelty free candies and desserts and «Destinations» will tell you where to look for them.

This year Maslyanytsya starts on February 20th, 2017 and will last till February 26th, 2017. It is country’s most picturesque and cheerful holiday, which is traditionally accompanied by songs, dances and large-scale feasts. The east Slavs also call this holiday Butter Week or Pancake Week.

While the Western world takes veganism very seriously and every city has an exciting array of animal-free foods on offers, Kyiv still has a long way to go. However there are some amazing vegetarian and vegan options in the capital of Ukraine to attend and the trend is surely growing. We share with you a list of popular «green» restaurants and cafes in Kyiv.

Lviv is a mecca for many coffee enthusiasts. There is an impressive number of coffee shops in the city. From hipster loft cafes to the bourgeois bistros, drinking a cup of coffee in one of these places became an iconic experience for Lviv dwellers and city’s guests.

Oriental, eccentric and a spiced-up bust of flavors, the draw of Chinese/Thai cuisine is getting stronger each year in the capital of Ukraine, so where are those promising plates? In case you are looking for something like authentic Asian fast-food dishes or Pan-Asian fine dining, head to Zolotoustivska street in Kyiv, which became a destination for Thai/Asian food enthusiasts.

Odesa’s top romantic restaurants are the ideal venues for when you want to spend a loved-up night in style. These fine-dining eateries feature impressive culinary delights by the city’s finest chefs, imported wines and champagnes, romantic décor, candlelit ambience, as well as stunning views of Odesa. These restaurants are great for a luxurious first date, wedding anniversaries, and an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration with your long-term loved one.

With numerous bars, restaurants and night clubs opening each new summer season, the selection of options for going out in Odesa is impressive. This city became an ultimate Ukrainian destination for holidaymakers and regular party crowd with its sandy beaches, warm climate and dozens of interesting places to enjoy a drink and authentic Odesa atmosphere. «Destinations» rounded up the best new bars to visit in Odesa.

Eating organic on a budget takes planning. If you just toss organic foods into your shopping cart willy-nilly, you're in for some shock when you get to the cashier or check out section (if it’s the on-line store). Kyiv seems to be joining the organic and healthy food trend and now people can easily shop for these products at pop-up farmers’ markets, on-line stores and artisan farmer shops. We narrow down a list of options for organic food shopping in Kyiv for you.

When preparing for an interview with Vitaly, I planned to discuss all the issues with him within half an hour. But in fact we talked for 2 hours and even that was not enough. While talking to the guru of wine you can open a whole new world, regardless of how deep you are in this topic.  Here is a summary of our fascinating conversation about the wine.

Bike and healthy foods enthusiasts alert! B2 Bike and Bakery is a brand new, multi-purpose concept space in Kyiv offering its visitors to enjoy healthy dining experience, use the in-house bike repair shop or bike rental and, of course, try their signature vegan baked goods.

Chashka Espresso bar is located in the heart of Kyiv on Bessarabs’ka Square. This cafe offers an unusual selection of coffee and coffee-based drinks, American style desserts and a no-fuss and friendly service.

Japan is one of the most romantic and mysterious countries in the world. IKIGAI Restaurant in Kyiv invites couples to celebrate St. Valentine's Day within one month.

An increasing number of Odesa pubs are specializing in craft beers, signature ales and traditional rich flavored lagers. «Destinations» narrows down Odesa pubs with the best selection of craft beers from breweries both near and far.

Lviv Chocolate Factory (locally known as «Lvivska Maysternya Shokolady» or Lviv handmade chocolate shop) is a brainchild of iFest holding that is also behind Lviv’s most famous gastro-destinations such as Kryyivka (WW2-themed Ukrainian Patriotic Restaurant), Lviv Coffee Mines (Lvivska Kopal’nya Kavy) and House of Legends (Dim Legend). 

Like a Local’s Wine Bar was opened in Kyiv downtown in December 2016 and instantly became a popular place among those who enjoy spending an evening with a glass of fine wine and listening to good music. This place offers a great selection of the best Ukrainian wines and gourmet snacks to pair them with.

Casa Nori is another welcome addition to Italian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv. However, this is the only place in the capital of Ukraine to savor authentic northern Italian or Veneto cuisine with dishes cooked by 200-year family recipes by chef Andrea Nori.

Comme Il Faut restaurant located on the first floor of the InterContinental Kyiv hotel, invites everyone to weekend French late breakfasts.

Lviv food-and-drink scene is booming and brings new trendy places to drink and dine every season. As much as guests and locals love long-time establishments and neighborhood standbys they also want to know what's new and what’s happening around them. «Destinations» narrowed some of the best places to eat and drink in Lviv in February 2017.

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