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KOLO is a vegan restaurant located in the heart of historical Podil district, offering its guests healthy and delicious food of so-called plant-basеd cuisine. The restaurant is a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians as well as for those who want to expand their gastronomic horizons. Calm atmosphere of Podil, cozy hall and unique dishes – KOLO restaurant has all ingredients for an excellent dinner or breakfast.

Times when vegetarians and vegans had to cut on their social life and make all meals at home luckily are going into past. Numerous large cafes in cities realize the needs of their customers and slowly but surely add more vegan and raw dishes. These days, Kyiv is no exception — especially with the oncoming Vegan City project, aimed at popularization of vegan and vegetarian menu in city's fine dining spots.

Odesa, a beautiful seacoast city in the South of Ukraine, is famous for its special charisma and charm. Humorous people, cozy yards, fluffy cats, fresh smell of the Black Sea and authentic cuisine mostly based on seafood – this is just a small part of the components creating unique Odesa spirit. If you dream to feel the true character of Odesa, the best choice is, of course, to go there. However, you always have a chance to catch Odesa vibes even in Kyiv while paying a visit to some of Odesa-inspired dining spots in the capital.

Any sweet tooth who takes a decision to follow healthy food trends always faces the dilemma: how to handle strong passion for delicious cookies and chocolates? We have some good news: there is no need to give up your favorite delicacies. Modern healthy food cuisine offers numerous cakes, candies and ice creams that are as harmless for your health as a fresh carrot. Let` check out where we can delight ourselves with some healthy sweets in Kyiv.

If you have ever been tempted to grab the nearest kitchenware and put half of the products in your fridge there, you might as well call yourself an inventor of bowls. Luckily, restaurants and cafes in Ukraine recognize importance of nourishing, healthy food — that's why, for instance, bowls with fruits, granola and berries are so popular. They aren't the only option, though. Let's see where you can try them in Ukraine.

This months welcomes a new fine dining spot in Kyiv — a cafe with meat delicacies made in Ukrainian Prosciutteria Wine and Deli, which opened in the building of Bessarabsky market. Its founders are the residents of the Ulichnaya eda festivals: the owners of Ulitka bar and Ham.lo project. Prosciutteria is a new format for Ukraine, so the owners of the place made sure to introduce it with delight.

Made with love care, based on the secret recipes that went though generations, this drink continues to baffle tourists. Those familiar with the sweet and intense taste of Ukrainian nalyvka probably won't forget it any time soon. As for the rookies, Lviv is full of restaurants to try it at – as nalyvka essentially is a beverage of Western Ukraine. Destinations gathered the best places to try the spicy drink in the heart of West – Lviv.

Years pass, and still no wind and no snow can stop dwellers of Kyiv from going out and meeting their friends on weekends to compensate the need to get out in the cold at workdays. Luckily, March 2018 is marked not only by freezing temperature and daylight savings. Destinations picked new fine dining spots to check out while spring slowly creeps around the corner.

Fans of Japanese cuisine, who often have had sushi, ramen or other typical dishes for meal at their hometowns, are in majority surprised when they come over to Japan and have a taste of 'real' cuisine. Moreover, discoveries like "you don't have to put sushi in soy sauce every time", "some types of sushi are eaten with hands" and "ramen isn't the only soup in the whole cuisine" occur so often it's almost a usual thing to re-educate yourself on the topic. To know more and taste the real deal in Kyiv, Destinations gathered a guide on the best Japanese restaurants.

Sometimes we just can't resist and indulge in comfort food — just once, we promise. The fridge becomes stacked with Wok boxes, pizza leftovers and the 'balanced' menu includes mac'n'cheese for the third day in row. The reason to it is often lack of motivation to cook, as tiredness after work has its toll. Worry not — there are plenty spots with healthy food ready to save your nutrition in Lviv. Let's check them out!

If you feel bored of all common tastes, want no more pizza and burgers, and crave for something wild and spicy, you should turn your attention to South American cuisine. Authentic dishes from Argentina, Peru and Brazil will make you feel the hotness of their native lands and special flavor calling for adventures and living life to the fullest. Welcome to the restaurants in Kyiv serving South American dishes to experience unusual tastes of the distant continent.

Lately Korea has experienced a rise of popularity and interest: starting from the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang to K-Pop bands whose popularity goes far beyond borders of Korea. Naturally, food is one of cultural elements people are eager to explore along with history and traditions. Some dishes have been included in menu of various Pan Asian restaurants in Kyiv, however, this time Destinations picked the best Korean restaurants to discover the full variety of taste.

On February 23, a famous Kyiv House of Writers hosted a rum degustation. Guests had a unique chance to try Zacapa rum, one of the most famous brands of liquor industry.

Ever wondered what it's like: to arrive at the big banquet, share the huge long table with hundreds of guests and have chit-chat while tasting delicious meals? Well, now that the trend of public or communal table is growing popular in Kyiv, it is possible to experience. Popular restaurants, bars and cafes have already joined the ride. Let's see how it is done.

Obolon' quay is a beloved place for long strolls in spring and summer, and when Kyiv is graced with snow, adults and kids from all over the city come over here to enjoy sledging. Naturally, in both cases the next point is crucial: where to eat and relax afterwards? Luckily, in the recent years quay became home for many cafes and restaurants. 2018 welcomes another 'dweller' – SODA Bar&Restaurant. Let's see what's special about it.

The Drinkery concept bar was opened only in mid-January but it had already found its place in the hearts of Kyiv dwellers — location in downtown, relaxed atmosphere and nice prices easily make it a perfect place to chill out with friends. Let's see what makes The Drinkery a unique bar among the others.

The latest rumors tell that Uber company is planning to launch its Uber Eats food delivery service in Ukraine. Though launching had not been officially announced yet, Uber posted job offer for the position of Uber Eats chief manager in Ukraine, which proves that the new service will start its work in the nearest time. While waiting for the new opportunities for getting our favorite dishes, let`s find out what Uber Eats is and how it works in other countries.

Asian food trend has merged with the take-away and delivery services long before it came to Ukraine. Before the first sushi-bars and Chinese restaurants had been opened, locals watched the tradition from the countless foreign movies. Nowadays, dwellers of Kyiv also can say "U up for Chinese?" to their friend and have delicious noodles delivered to their home. One of the places that makes it happen is Wokupp Bar, which opened a new spot near Lukianivska metro station.

As a part of Agro project, Destinations chose top-3 Kyiv's best gourmet restaurants which use only farm produce.

Would you like to dive into mysterious ambience of the XIX century while enjoying delicious dishes and drinks? Now you have a chance to do it right in the historical heart of Kyiv. Recently opened Tartoria café gallery on the famous Andriivsky Descent invites everyone to go for a trip back in time, to try culinary masterpieces and even to buy some beautiful artworks.

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