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MOMO is the newest addition to Kyiv’s healthy foods scene. This is a place where you can casually drop by on your way to work or before a walk or picnic to stock up on a wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

Fabius is a country restaurant located near Kyiv which presents an unusual for the capital’s dining scene concept. It houses its own cheese farm, green-houses and bakery on its territory, providing high quality and fresh products for restaurant’s dishes.

When you own any piece of equipment that has some kind of mechanical parts then it will eventually have to be serviced or even repaired at some point, particularly when it goes about the bicycle. Bike service is very important, and it’s not only available in the conventional bike shops. Lifecycle is a brand new, multi-purpose concept space in the capital of Ukraine offering its visitors to enjoy healthy dining experience, use the in-house bike repair shop and, of course, to fuel on fragrant freshly brewed coffee.

Ray is a multi-concept restaurant that was recently opened on the 7th floor of Gulliver shopping mall in Kyiv. This place offers early breakfasts, beautiful panorama over Kyiv’s downtown roofs, atmospheric dinners, well mixed drinks and impressive wine menu.

There are many cafés in Kyiv where locals and tourists can meet for a cup of tea and chat about life. All of them are attractive in their own way. However, there is a unique new café located downtown, which is worth visiting while your stay in Kyiv. One of them is the Chetveronogiy Dom (‘Fourfooted House') Cat Café that invites all guests into the world where feline hold their sway over human beings.

Odesa is full of unique cafes and restaurants, which not only please their visitors with great service and delicious food of different cuisines, but also delight the eye with fascinating sea views. Let us consider some places on the coast of Odesa with the best panoramic terraces by the sea.

Alexey Shemenkov is only 30 but he has quite a solid experience and the heart full of bold ambitions. His passion to gastronomy and cooking took roots in his early childhood, his experience came from the leading meat restaurants and his professionalism was rewarded by being named among TOP10 Best Meat Chefs of Ukraine according to "Focus" magazine.

‘Bistronomy’ (a combination of the words Bistro and Gastronomy) is the name given to the exciting new culinary movement that is sweeping Europe, and breathing new life into its restaurant scene. Chang bistronomy has recently opened in Kyiv and now offers authentic and affordable Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of Ukraine’s capital.

Italy is a dream country for many people. It attracts travelers from all over the world by its beautiful nature, rich history, spectacular architecture, and, of course, exceptionally delicious food. Fortunately, it is a chance to feel the spirit of this amazing South European country even without actually going there. Discover the perfect taste of Italy in the best Italian restaurants in Kyiv, which offer delicious meals cooked by native Italian chefs.

Summer days people tend to stay outdoors as much as possible, enjoying sunny weather and fresh air. Sometimes it is more convenient to buy some tasty snacks and drinks in a food truck and continue walking around the city than to wait for the order in a restaurant. Let us check out the list of the best summer street food spots in Kyiv, where locals and guests of Ukrainian capital can buy delicious meals cooked in a few minutes.

Cabinet used to be one of the most popular coffee-shops in Lviv. It gathered a funny crowd of local bohemia, politicians, artists, tourists and coffee enthusiasts. However, this place was shut down for the unknown reason around 3 years ago and has been re-opened just a few months ago.

Syrnik is one of the best-known Slavic desserts. Usually it is a fried cake made of curd and flour with delicious additives such as apples, nuts, berries or dried apricots, served with sour cream or jam. Its traditional Ukrainian variant, Lviv Syrnik, is undoubtedly one of the must try dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Let us consider cafes and restaurants, which offer the best Lviv Syrnik in Kyiv.

Spring has brought many new places to dine and wine to the capital of Ukraine. New restaurants and bars are popping up in Kyiv downtown almost every month, intriguing its guests with unconventional concepts, interesting takes on traditional dishes and drinks.
Let us visit some of the new Kyiv bars and restaurants opened recently.

A cozy restaurant, a tasty dinner and a glass of good wine… This combination is surely one of the greatest pleasures of life. In summertime, it is also possible to enjoy delicious food and drinks on comfortable open-air terraces. Destinations rounds up the best summer terraces in Kyiv, where guests can order tasty meals and enjoy fresh air and beautiful city views at the same time.

Travelers who have visited Kyiv are surely familiar with the main confectionary pride of the Ukrainian capital. This is exceptionally delicious Kyiv cake, cooked by unique recipe. In Soviet times, a box with a Kyiv cake inside was one of the most desirable souvenirs from Kyiv. Destinations tells about the interesting history of this culinary masterpiece.

Organic Café by Glossary is more than just a place where guests can enjoy healthy food. This is a place that houses a whole concept on harmony in our lives, healthy lifestyle and the environmental care. Glossary is a unique healthy-living themed destination in Kyiv. Here guests can attend a day SPA and wellness center, stock up on organic cosmetics and enjoy a meal at the Organic Café.

Pack some napkins – "Destinations" guides you to Lviv’s best street food delivers and shares everything you need to know about the city’s top on-the-go eats.

With the arrival of summer, many foodies in Kyiv opt for country restaurants when choosing their dining destinations. Country restaurants near Kyiv offer a great verity of delicious dishes as well as beautiful outdoor terraces or seating areas to enjoy them on. «Destinations» prepared a list of country restaurants just outside the city center worth visiting.

Mama ya Doma restaurant located in the historic central part of the city welcomes everybody to enjoy the renewed open air backyard where you can enjoy the food and atmosphere.

Local Ukrainian meat specialties are now available in VATRA restaurant that became part of Dmytro Borysov’s gastrofamily. The Hutsul steak house has recently opened in the very downtown of Kyiv.

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