Fine dining

If you are bored by the posh atmosphere of endless restaurants and want to discover new places with the real vibe of the city, you might want to consider spots that are getting more and more popular in Ukraine each year. Street food and small cafés with take-away option and a whole food market with stalls are waiting for you in Odesa.

Everybody knows that France is a real gastronomic paradise, and French cuisine offers the most sophisticated dishes in the whole world. Frenchmen are sure that culinary is a true art, so they treat their chefs as poets and artists who create amazing masterpieces. Do you dream to feel the charming spirit of France and taste such delicacies as quiche, onion soup and ratatouille? We will tell you where to search for the best French restaurants in Kyiv.

One of the newest hotels in Kyiv, Number 21 Hotel by DBI has recently presented its own The Kitchen 21 restaurant. Located on the ground floor of the hotel in the heart of the city, The Kitchen 21 restaurant boasts hip and modern design as well as interesting menu.

Korky and Kryhty (Crumbs and Corks in Ukrainian) is the newest addition to the Lviv wining and dining scene. This is a wine bar as well as a bakery. Here guests can enjoy a glass of wine, a freshly baked Italian pizza, great selection of locally made cheeses to compliment your wine.

Sappy fruits and vegetables are not the only bounty autumn in Kyiv is rich in. Food festivals that make foodies unite also offers harvest of various sorts and flavours. Autumn is no longer about frustration. Give a visit to this five and get a solid proof.

Coffee culture continues to evolve in Ukraine. It seems like Kyiv Vozdvizhenka area is becoming something of a coffee mecca of the capital. Fair Finch coffee shop in Kyiv has opened its doors for guests 2 years ago and now is popular destination for the coffee fans.

Good dining and good wine often go hand in hand, so «Destinations» rounded up Kyiv restaurants with great wine lists.

You don't need 15 page menu of boring stuff - it's one thing that makes people come back to Arsenal restaurant in Lviv and its the awesome ribs. Housed in a historical building of former city’s arsenal, which later was turned into Weapons museum inside the old city walls, Arsenal. Ribs and spirits is among most popular barbecue restaurants in Lviv. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Located on the top floor of one of the Lviv’s best hotels, Mon Chef Restaurant offers an excellent dining experience in the heart of the city. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

The best places for desserts and confectionery in Lviv inspire you to throw out all the rules—eat with moderation, save the best for last—and give in to sugary bliss, no matter what the time of day.
If your sweet tooth is what some would call 'legendary', Destinations offers to check out best dessert cafés in Lviv for cake, pastries and everything sugary and sweet.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie, a crazy workhorse or are just up early to beat the traffic and take your kids to school, a good cup of coffee can make the world of difference in the morning. Luckily, Kyiv has a few spots around town waking up earlier than we do in order to serve us our morning pick-me-ups just the way we like them. And they’re all open before 9am.

With the arrival of fall the number of options for dining in Kyiv seems to double. The well-established and already popular among locals as well as numerous tourists restaurants come up with new seasonal menus and newly opened venues try to awe a well spoiled Kyiv crowd with new dishes and cocktails. We offer you the list of new capital’s restaurants to visit this fall.

On August 31st, new delicacy-market Le Silpo was opened in Odesa. The opening ceremony was impressively posh featuring Bottega champagne bottles dazzled in Swarovski rhinestone, adorned with gold foil oysters, prime blue-finned tuna and exotic fruits.

Outside the country, Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. As for the traditional Belgian dishes, it is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food. Antwerpen, traditional Belgian restaurant in Kyiv, invites to discover all the secrets of this less known European cuisine.

«Mne By Myasa» («I’d like some meat» in Ukrainian) steakhouse is located on the territory of the "Platinum Plaza» shopping and office center in Kharkiv. The menu features European cuisine. The restaurant specializes in meat steaks of different levels of roasting. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Nestled in a secluded courtyard of the medieval complex of the former Bernardine Monastery, which is now known as St. Andrew’s Church, The First Lviv Grill Restaurant Of Meat And Justice is one of the most popular meat restaurants in Lviv. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Located in a busy Arcadia area in Odesa, Brothers Grill Restaurant features authentic interior with a nice terrace and friendly service. This steakhouse is about two things: crazy good beef and crazy good wine. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Gra z Vognem (Game with Fire) is a restaurant of new Ukrainian cuisine from high-quality local products. The restaurant confirms: modern Ukrainian cuisine has deep traditions and is incredibly delicious; it is an ideal combination of the best local products, endless imagination and gastronomic experiments.

TUCC guests visited Kureni restaurant to taste and appreciate the traditional Ukrainian cuisine in modern interpretation supplemented by delicious beverages.

On 9 September 2017, Vsi Svoyi Gastronomiya market presents Fish market in Ukrainian capital. Kyiv dwellers and guests are welcome to large food-courts, occupying two floors of the building on 12, Desyatynna street in the very center of the city. Here visitors will be offered diverse fish and seafood for any taste as well as delicious sauces and drinks.

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