Fine dining

Kyiv, being the capital of the country, offers many restaurants to enjoy authentic Ukrainian cuisine. BARVY is the new addition to the local restaurant scene, which introduces the modern Ukrainian cuisine based on traditional recipes of various regions and ethnic groups of Ukraine.

Whether you fancy a fishy bite or like to savor your seafood, Ibsen Scandinavian restaurant is a place to visit in Kyiv. Recently named as the best fish restaurant by SALT National Restaurant Awards, Ibsen is a restaurant that will awe its visitors with delicious and unusual Scandinavian cuisine.

Hot Dogs are more than just a snack - they're an American pastime that conquered the world. It seems like these days lots of hot dog stands and restaurants out there are turning the humble hot dog into a work of art. Check out our recommendations for the best places to eat hot dogs in Lviv.

In case you are looking for a down-to-earth atmospheric place to enjoy a glass of good wine in Kyiv    and don’t want to splash out, «Destinations» rounds up a list of places to do so. From trendy speakeasies to grocery store wine tasting sections, we've gathered the best wine bars for your quaffing pleasure.

The hookah is one of the Middle East’s best gifts to the world. It was invented so that people could share shisha (flavored tobacco). This tradition is more than centuries old and its popularity has recently taken Kyiv by storm, numerous hookah bars popping up all around the city.

Kyiv’s dining scene is constantly evolving. Ukraine’s capital dwellers are a fast-moving bunch fixated on what's new and is happening around them. As much as guests and locals love long-time establishments and neighborhood standbys they also want to know the hottest and the best new restaurants Kyiv has to offer.

«Destinations» rounded up beer pubs in Kyiv with the best selection of craft beers and classic ales from breweries both near and far. Craft beers are unique, progressive beers made by small-scale breweries. Craft beer is distinct from traditional one and is often explosively hoppy and rich in flavor. An increasing number of bars and pubs in Kyiv is specializing in them.

Appetizers are nice and entrées are essential, but people adore desserts. For many of us a day without something sweet is like a day without joy. «Destinations» brings you Kyiv's most jaw-dropping, happiness-inducing desserts — from legendary Hong Kong bubble waffle to classic French eclairs. These treats aren't just memorable, they are worth every single delicious calorie.

Chinese cuisine becomes popular in Kyiv. Exotic food and Eastern traditions attract a lot of people to some new Pan-Asian establishments. Steven Fisher shares his favorite Chinese restaurants in the capital.

Odesa is a home for multicultural and multinational crowd. The gastro scene in Odesa is booming. With numerous restaurants opening each season, the selection of options for eating out is impressive. «Destinations» rounded up interesting new places that opened its doors to eager foodies in 2016.

Just a couple of days before the New Year Eve we talked to Viktor Timchishin, chef of Black Market restaurant in Kyiv, about his view on the restaurant business in the country. While talking we prepared a delicious dish for the holiday table.

Good Wine premium grocery store in Kyiv has undergone some major renovation recently. Now customers can enjoy an impressive selection of top-notch products from deli corner, grill zone, healthy food section as well as interesting conceptual solutions in liquor section.

If you are tired of spending hours in the kitchen and want to have a rest during crazy Christmas time, Borysov Gastrofamily has a special New Year offer for you. Just relax and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family tasting traditional festive dishes delivered by Gastrofamily’s service.

Ukrainian wineries gathered again in order to discuss the future of the winemaking business in Ukraine. Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, «Ukrainska Pravda» Media Group and «Ukrvinprom» Winery Corporation in association with «Ukrainian Bureau of Grapes and Wines» took part in Second National Winemaking Forum that took place in Kyiv on December 14, 2016.

RONIN invites guests for a Christmas brunch.  One of Kyiv’s most popular restaurants prepared something special to keep your festive Christmas spirits high. Visit Ronin restaurant for a very delicious and exquisite Christmas Brunch.

On December 18th, 2016 Alkohoreci organized fun and interesting Pellegrino Party Event. Organizers opt for quite different from the conventional degustation/presentation format of the event and threw a real party with popular DJ Ksenia Palfy and Carte Blanche Cover Band.  Guests were greeted by export-manager of the wine house Mr Giuseppe Barocco.

Everyone who comes to Ukraine for the first time wants to try its famous cuisine searching for authentic Ukrainian restaurants. We propose you to visit some checked and tested places by Steven Fisher.

All.true.east is a new concept restaurant in Kyiv downtown, which was opened less than two weeks ago. Still working in a test mode but causing quite a hype already, All.true.east boasts an interesting ecological and healthy eating concepts as well as hip interior design and simply delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.

Recently awarded as the best Ukrainian coffee shop of 2016 by SALT National Restaurant Award, London Coffee House is cozy and hip place to have a cup of fragrant coffee and to meet your friends for a chat or simply to take a break during your busy day in the capital of Ukraine.

Enjoy Middle Eastern eats at Kyiv restaurants dishing up exotic plates of Lebanese cuisine. Whether you're looking for a Middle Eastern feast or a range of light Lebanese treats, «Destinations» rounded up Kyiv’s most popular restaurants doing a great trade in meze, mixed grills, and classic Lebanese dishes.

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