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Nowadays, healthy lifestyle has already become a popular trend, so more and more people are getting interested in unusual vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets. Whether you are an experienced raw food gourmand and a yoga enthusiast, or have never tried anything different from ordinary menu and wish to discover new healthy and delicious cuisine, you are welcome to visit dining places in Kyiv that keep to raw food concept. Let`s get to know where to find raw food restaurants in Kyiv.

The year has passed, and it's high time to wrap up and reminiscent what's been. Checked points in the bucket lists, travel destinations visited, people met and people gone…and of course the places you've spent the best of times in. For some, bars with the vibe have been that place. Let's see which bars were really popular in 2017.

Like a Local’s Wine Bar was opened in Kyiv downtown in December 2016 and instantly became a popular place among those who enjoy spending an evening with a glass of fine wine and listening to good music. This place offers a great selection of the best Ukrainian wines and gourmet snacks to pair them with.

New year means new destinations, as well as unseen places and unique experiences. While travelling certainly stays as an option, sometimes all you have to do is take a stroll in the city and drop by a recently opened café or restaurant. Adventure awaits there. Let's see what's hot this January!

«Destinations» made a list of Kyiv’s best bargain seafood restaurants, including cheap and mid-priced spots, but not the most expensive ones. These are places for everyday dining, often with an informal flair. Go for the fish, not the décor!

When talking about hot drinks, we usually mention tea, coffee and hot mulled wine, forgetting about one more delicious drink – hot cocoa. Nevertheless, this sweet smelling chocolate drink from childhood is also totally worth our attention. Let`s check up the best hot cocoa recipes for chilly winter evenings.

There's no better gift for chocolate lovers than a box full of one's favorite chocolate sweets or treats. However, ordinary box of sweets might seem so last season after checking out what these Ukrainians brands have in stock. «Destinations» rounds up a list of the cutest and sweetest treats that would make a perfect gift for your friends and family.

Podil is not only the most beautiful and atmospheric historical district of Ukrainian capital, but also a paradise for any sweet tooth. If you are walking through the narrow streets of Podil and feel the urgent need for some delicious candies and chocolates, you should definitely visit these wonderful confectioneries.

Many Kyiv restaurants pride themselves for their signature secret recipes for traditional Ukrainian liqueurs and digestifs. For tourists’ needs «nalyvka»s and «nastoyanka»s are sold in gift bottles and wrappings. «Destinations» rounds up best places to taste that traditional local drink in the capital of Ukraine.

The freezing Ukrainian winter is in full swing, and we surely need tasty nutritious meals and hot drinks to warm up our bodies and souls. If you are going to spend the first month of winter in Kyiv, you are lucky: Ukrainian capital offers many options to spend a December day tasting the most worthy culinary wonders. Let`s check out December 2017 food and drinks festivals in Kyiv, where you will experience a true gastronomic paradise.

As we gear up for the holiday season and all it brings, it’s never too early to consider how to make 2018 your strongest and healthiest year yet. Maybe no one understands that better than Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods and The Specialty Food Association—a trade association made up of food artisans, importers, and entrepreneurs—just has released their annual food trend reports that predict which eats will rise to stardom and transition from niche to mainstream in 2018.

Christmas is one of the most beloved and popular holidays in Ukraine. The traditions of celebrating Christmas in Ukraine reach back hundreds of years and boast unique authenticity and interesting rituals.

FITY Club is a new food delivery business in Kyiv. Company’s main agenda is to provide healthy nutrition enthusiasts with instant online access to the wide variety of balanced and delicious food and to process and deliver the food order to the door step or business in a professional and timely manner.

Outside the fast-paced restaurant fashion, preserving its memorable style and unique atmosphere, Odessa restaurant has been almost one of the most popular restaurants in Kyiv for almost 5 years.

Kyiv’s dining scene is constantly evolving. Ukraine’s capital dwellers are a fast-moving bunch fixated on what's new and is happening around them. As much as guests and locals love long-time places and neighborhood standbys they also want to know the hottest and the best new restaurants Kyiv has to offer.

Pack some napkins – "Destinations" guides you to Lviv’s best street food joints and shares everything you need to know about the city’s top on-the-go eats. Lviv city center and various food festivals are now bursting with stalls serving up cheap eats of an exceptional standard in dinky disposable containers. «Destinations» brings you the best street food spots and hole-in-the-walls in Lviv.

SALT National Restaurant Awards ceremony was held on December 2, 2017 in Kyiv and it named leaders of Ukrainian restaurant and hospitality business. SALT Restaurant Awards is an annual meeting and award ceremony for the best restaurants of Ukraine.

SALT Restaurant Awards is an annual meeting and award ceremony for the best restaurants of Ukraine. In 2017 10 pastry shops from all over Ukraine became the finalists of the SALT Restaurant Awards in the «Best Pasty Shop» nomination. The winner will be announced shortly, but for now we have the list of 10 best confectionaries in Ukraine.

Boho is a multi-concept restaurant that has recently opened in Kyiv downtown. Here guests can savor pan-Asian cuisine, relax in a chic lounge area as well as enjoy craft cocktails (Boho Signature Cocktails) by the best Kyiv’s mixologists.

«Mira» is a healthy fast food cafe recently opened on Yaroslaviv Val street in Kyiv. Here healthy food enthusiasts can have a quick bite as well as stock up on various dishes and snacks to enjoy in the office or at home.

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