Best Bars for Cocktails in Kiev

Best Bars for Cocktails in Kiev

There are plenty of bars in Kiev to go grab a drink. However, some of them managed to become sort of ‘cult’ places due to their exceptional cocktail cards, professional, friendly, chatty bartenders and, of course, original atmosphere.

Parovoz Speak Easy

Photo: Parovoz Official Facebook page
With a twelve-year history, famous ‘among its crowd’ bar started a renovation in 2013 that ultimately led to a rebirth into a new speak easy format, typical for illegal drinking points during the times of the Great Depression in the USA. Parovoz sticks to the classics: in cheerful and relaxing jazz atmosphere, the bartenders pour well-established strong mixes from all around the world. The cocktails for the card are carefully selected from a large library of recipe books. It should be noted that no ‘special’ cocktails are served here - only time-tested classics.
The calibrated cocktail card, charismatic team of bartenders and an original vibe make Parovoz a trendy place in Kiev that attracts the intellectual and creative crowd of the capital.
Address: 19 Velyka Vesylkivska str., Kiev (entrance through the hall of ‘Kiev’ cinema)

Sribni Lozhky

Photo: Sribni Lozhky Official Webpage
A real cocktail bar is hidden in the gastro bar Sribni Lozhky (Silver Spoons). To find it, you have to head down the steep stairs, trying not to think about your way upstairs after a few cocktails. Indeed, cocktails here are going to spin your head.
The moment you get there, the meaning of the first bar rule becomes clear: if you come, sit at the counter. The chef bartender believes that drinking cocktails at the table can spoil the whole impression: ice melts, taste changes and the bartender cannot see you watching him working and admiring his mixing skills. Rich cocktail card, professionalism, hostility and individual approach of the bartenders will make you come back to this place repeatedly.
Address: 5-B Basseyna str., Kiev

Hendrick’s Bar

Photo: Hendrick’s Bar Official Facebook page
Hendrick’s is the result of the new fast-spreading trend in Kiev for speak easy bars. To get to Hendriks you need to go down to the basement of the True Burger Bar and ring the armored door: if there are places available, you will get into, but if the bar is packed, you can always wait for your ‘turn’ upstairs enjoying delightful burgers from True Burger’s chef. The name of the secret place speaks for itself: the majority of the cocktail recipes are based on the popular gin. On Fridays Hendrick’s treats its guests with free punch always prepared in a new interesting way.
Address: 42 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho str., Kiev

Lost & Found

Photo: Lost & Found Official Facebook page
The crowd comes to Lost & Found for a good drink and ease of communication. This is the place in Kiev that could not be spotted by a random passer-by. It is more likely that you hear about Lost & Found from ‘a friend who heard it from a sister of a friend and so on’. The name reflects the ambience of the bar somehow: get lost in its hidden from a city rush room and find friends – those who you haven’t seen for ages or simple some new ones. Moreover, the owner – Adam Howell, an enthusiast about the proper culture of drinking, will certainly become one of them. He knows almost everything about the science of mixing drinks and personally prepares cocktails for his guests. Adam is on the spot almost all the time and is always open for a friendly chat and is willing to share his knowledges: from cocktail mixology to preparation of craft beer.
Address: 93 Volodymyrska str., Kiev

Pink Freud

Photo: Pink Freud Official Facebook page
Pink Freud is hidden in a small green courtyard in the historic district of Podil. Open air, cute benches and marble tables around the fountain under the romantic light of the street lamps and garlands create an astonishing atmosphere. Nevertheless, do not be worried about getting slightly cold in the evening: the owners have taken care of the right heater and ‘hot’ beverages that will keep your body and mood warm all night long. The Pink Freud cocktail card is very convenient for the cocktail ‘newbies’: the drinks are placed along the axes - from sweet to bitter taste and from light and fresh to more saturated and rich flavor. The chef bartender created the recipes of the original Pink Freud drinks. For their preparation, molecular gastronomy is used experimenting with spices and herbs, erasing all borders between the bar and the kitchen. The chill mood of the place is usually accompanied by jazz, soul and funk.
Address: 19 Nyzhnii Val str., Kiev

Alchemist Bar

Photo: Alchemist Bar Official Facebook page
Glass flasks on the shelves, dim lights and a huge variety of special cocktails mixed by the guys in brand leather aprons – this is all about Alchemist bar. Fully stocked bar including a large range of vermouth, liqueurs, bitters, herbs, spices, using which the bartenders create their original mixes. In fact, this bar was created in order to study alcohol, experimenting with it - in other words, to ‘make magic’ while inventing new recipes. Live jazz and a vinyl collection complement to the atmospheric background for a cocktail evening at the bar. Alchemist is a place in Kiev where drinking is not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing.
Address: 12 Shota Rustaveli str., Kiev


Photo: Hitchcook Official Facebook page
The similarity of the name of the bar with the name of the great director is an allusion to the decades when the Alfred Hitchcock's movies were filmed. ‘Roaring 20s, ‘hopeless 30s’, ‘fighting 40s’, ‘stylish 50s’, ‘crazy 60s’... Every decade has been granted with a bunch of world famous cocktails. A distinguishing feature of the cocktail card (or rather, a cocktail deck of cards) is their sherry base, a drink once popular among the British aristocracy that has recently become fashionable again. Another specialty of Hitchcook is the take-away option for cocktails that ruins the stereotypes. The magnificent atmosphere of the bar is created not only with a rich vivid cocktail card and amazing food menu, but also with stylish decorations and breathtaking view.
Address: 1-A Sportyvna sqr., ‘Gulliver’ 7th floor, Kiev


Photo: KO&KO Official Facebook page
A place with a slight touch of glam chic that is incorporated in the name, decoration, mood of the place and, of course, the cocktail menu. In addition to quite replete list of sparkling wines, KO&KO offers their exclusive cocktail card consisting of fresh and curious Prosecco-based mixes and a range of charming flower-flavored Spritz.
Address: 11 Pushkinska str., Kiev

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