Best Places for Breakfast in Lviv

Best Places for Breakfast in Lviv

Breakfast in Lviv is a happy affair at numerous bright and breezy restaurants and cafés serving porridge, pastries and eggs’ variations. Start your day as you mean to go on with a breakfast of champions at these Lviv restaurants and cafés with a morning spring in their step. Whether you're looking for a local spot or a place on your way to work, these places know how to give good and nutritious breakfast.

Svit Kavy

Svit kavy
Svit Kavy, whose name is translated as ‘The World of Coffee’, is exactly what it declares: a great place to have coffee. For hungry travelers in search of breakfast, or even locals heading to work, it has the great advantage of opening as early as 7.45am every day except Sunday. Homemade yogurt, porridge, croissants with jam, ham and salami, pancakes, strudel, and much more are on the menu. In other words, there’s a mixture of Ukrainian and international breakfast food, with something to suit all tastes
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 7.45am-11pm, Sunday 8.45am-11pm
Address: 6, Katedral’na Square, Lviv.
Strudel Haus

Strudel Haus
Lviv has a very Central European feel to it, so it’s no wonder that traditional Austrian strudels enjoy a certain popularity there. These filled pastries, paired with a hot drink, make for a great Continental-style breakfast — and that’s exactly what Strudel Haus offers. Two strudel-based menus, both sweet, are among the breakfast optons. There are also savory options with some classic brunch ingredients, like pancakes or scrambled eggs. All of these cost the same and come with a drink.
Address: 6, Shevska street, Lviv
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm

ATLAS, right on Rynok Square, with its wood panels and wooden furniture, has a very Old World atmosphere. This fits in perfectly with Lviv’s general ambiance, that of an old European city with a tumultuous history. Its location makes it a great starting point for a visit of the city, so why not sit down there with a cup of good coffee—Lviv’s favorite beverage—and traditional pancakes before sightseeing? There’s also a small shop where visitors can buy coffee beans and loose leaf tea.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-12am
Address: 45, Rynok Square, Lviv

For a sumptuous breakfast, head to Valentino Restaurant in Swiss Hotel, situated not too far from the center. This high-end Italian restaurant serves breakfast from 7am to 11am, with a wide range of dishes such as fried eggs, toast, pâté, cheese, pancakes, pastries, and yogurt, among others. Despite not being in the Old Town itself, the location is historical and the building is as beautiful as anything on Rynok Square: old brick ceilings, large wooden tables, and a taste, artistic décor that will be sure to charm visitors.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-11pm
Address: 20, Ostapa Nyzhankivs’koho street, Lviv
Green Vegetarian Café

Photo: GREEN facebook page
This is a charming little restaurant and till recent time the only vegetarian and vegan eatery in Lviv. Late breakfasts and brunches are served from 11am to 1pm. Dishes are refreshingly simple and, of course, meat-free, gluten free or vegan. Options include Ukrainian classics like syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes) so it’s also a great place for vegetarians to get a taste of Ukrainian specialties without resorting to eating meat.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm
Address: 5 Brativ Rohatyntsiv street, Lviv

Photo: Kumpel Group Facebook page
Kumpel, a ‘gastropub’ just a stone’s throw from the Bernardine Church in the Old Town, serves a sweet or savory breakfasts and brunches from 11am. The menu consists of classics like croissants, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Add a cup of tea or coffee for a breakfast experience comfortingly similar to what most visitors are used to is offered for a fraction of the price. The interior is atypical, especially for a breakfast place, as Kumpel is also a brewery: there are two huge brewing tanks in the main room.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-12am
Address: 6, Volodymyra Vynnychenka street, Lviv.

For more of the great coffee Lviv is famous for throughout Eastern Europe, sit down at Centaur. This café, right on Rynok Square, roasts its own coffee and has its own blend, the eponymous ‘Centaur’. To go with this delicious coffee, breakfast is served daily from 8am to 11am and comprises Ukrainian pastries like Lviv’s own specialty, a type of cheesecake, but also strudels, macaroons, and croissants. The interior includes an original painting of Volodymyr Patyk, famous Ukrainian artist.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-11pm
Address: 34 Rynok Square, Lviv.
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In addition to its lovely architecture Lviv has a vibrant cultural life, which translates into not only galleries and numerous museums but also good restaurants and cafés—perfect for a leisurely breakfast or brunch before a busy day.
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