Best Restaurants in Odesa: April 2017 Review

Best Restaurants in Odesa: April 2017 Review

Odesa offers its guests and locals hundreds of diverse cafes and restaurants. What to choose and where to go for a perfect dinner in Odesa? “Destinations” helps you to find the best top-quality restaurants of the city.


Tavernetta is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Odesa. It is one of the restaurants, established by Saveliy Libkin, well-known Odesa restauranteur. Tavernetta is notable for its original design: glasses created according to old Italian technology, furniture made of wood without chemical treatment, room fitted with untreated waxen pine. All Italian meals of Tavernetta are cooked of local fresh products. Pasta fresca is the key offer of menu. The restaurant offers diverse types of pasta: spaghetti, strozapretti, pappardelle, fusilli and special corzetti pasta which looks like coins. Tavernetta also serves other traditional Italian dishes: Piedmontese starter Vitello Tonnato, Tuscan soup with Ribollita toasts, Florentine salad with anchovies, risotto. As for drinks, visitors can try Italian and Ukrainian dry wines.
Address: 45, Ekaterininska street
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Fratelli is an atmospheric Italian cuisine restaurant in a pretty Odesa patio. Courtyard of the restaurant reflects the mood of Tuscany with its masonry stairs, flowerpots and wooden tables. Fratelli is well-known for fresh and high-quality products and water used for cooking. Here clients can try fragrant ciabatta, focaccia and pizza made in a big wood-fired oven. Fratelli offers a wide range of traditional Italian meals like risotto, pasta, carpaccio and tartar, a lot of tasty Italian soups and desserts, grill. The restaurant has a rich wine menu and also provides a “cork-fee” option – if clients pay stated price, they may bring their own bottle of wine. Also, there is a possibility to buy fresh Italian bread and cheese. Fratelli includes children`s room and nanny service from 16:00. The visitors can enjoy live music in the evenings.
Address: 17, Grecheska street

Frebule is a small cozy wine restaurant. The restaurant hall offers only 30 seats and such coziness creates an intimate atmosphere. The restaurant menu is also not very extensive, however, each dish deserves special attention. Visitors can try salads with spelt and camembert, pie with sheep cheese, rabbit consommé, onion soup, cappellaccio with pumpkin and other original meals. Wine list offers white, red and rose wines of France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and South Africa. The clients are offered special desserts of Make My Cake confectionary. “Cork-fee” service is also available here.
Address: 21a, Frantsuzkiy boulevard
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Bodega 2K

Bodega 2K is one of the oldest restaurants of Odesa. It exists from 1830. “Bodega” is a Spanish word, which means wine cellar at winery, and “2K” means “Two Karls”. In the Soviet times the restaurant was located on the crossing of Karl Marks and Karl Libkneht streets, which defined its name. The restaurant interior design keeps to rural style. Bodega 2K offers unique menu based on the old recipes of Odesa suburbs – Moldavanka and Peresyp. The restaurant serves such original dishes of Moldova as mamalyga, placinta, vertuta with diverse additives. Stewed beef with dried plums and pancakes with apples are also worth trying. Bodega 2K provides visitors with plenty of delicious Bessarabia wines.
Address: 32, Grecheska street
Steakhouse. Meat and Wine
Steakhouse on Deribasovska is a real gift for meat lovers. Design of the location combines fashionable charm and coziness. Meat and fish is cooked here in many different ways. Visitors should definitely try lamb cabob, New York and Chicago steaks, Ribeye steak, pork with honey and tamarind, spicy steak, beef cheeks in red wine and other meat specialties. Tasty snacks include crackling calamars, hot crottin and salmon tartar. Steakhouse also offers gazpacho and rooster soups. Tiramisu, apple tart or cheesecake will be a good decision for dessert. Alcohol menu includes Ukrainian, Italian, Chilean, Argentinean and other wines, along with beers and strong drinks such as vodka, cognac, whisky and tequila.
Address: 20, Deribasovska street
Taste the most delicious food and drinks in the excellent restaurants of Odesa.
Photo source:, social media pages of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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