Best Ukrainian Cheese Brands

Best Ukrainian Cheese Brands

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the most admirable meals for many people. Real cheese fans can spend hours discussing and tasting different kinds of brynza and feta. Ukraine is not so famous for cheese production as Holland or Switzerland, but it can boast a plenty of notable cheese producing brands as well. Destination narrows down Ukrainian cheese-making companies, whose delicious products are definitely worth of attention.

Babyni Kozy

The company was established by family couple Alexander Babyn and Anna Babyna in 2007. Babyni Kozy is a farm, which specializes in breeding Saanen goats and goat milk production. Initially the owners planned just to breed goats and to sell goat milk. But due to the fact that milk markets were quite unstable, Alexander and Anna decided to expand their business and got interested in milk processing, particularly in cheeses production. Nowadays, their own cheese factory processes goat milk into many refined kinds of cheese. The assortment provides soft moldy goat milk cheese, fresh cheese with sun dried tomatoes or species, and many other. Family business also includes soap manufacture, which produces around 30 sorts of soap made of goat milk and oil. These soaps do not have analogues in the whole world.
Where to buy:
52, Shovkovychna street, Kyiv, “Muzey syru” shop
16, Verkhniy Val street, Kyiv, Zhutniy market, “Zakarpatski vyna” shop
5, Genuezska street, Odesa, Mozzarella fresca shop
Internet shop:
Zinka Milk

Zinka Milk products are made of goat milk, received from French brood Saanen and Alpine goats. The manufacturing process ensures high quality and safety of the products and facilitates maximal preservation of goat milk natural beneficial characteristics. Zinka production company is located 100 km away from Kyiv in Usivka village. The modern farm complex territory embraces 12 hectares. Zinka Milk offers a wide range of milk products, including milk, kefir, yoghurts with different tastes, sour cream and, of course, diverse types of cheese. Gourmands will be surely satisfied with soft goat milk cheese with white mold, fresh goat milk cheese, semi-hard goat milk cheese and cheeses with various species such as paprika and herbs.
Where to buy:
Novus supermarkets network (English version website, online order
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Koza Chka

Koza Chka started as a home cheese factory in 2013. Its main production plant is located in Natalia village in Zhytomyr oblast. In 2014, the company opened “Syrna Kav`yarnia” (“Cheese coffee house”) in Kyiv, which became the favorite place for cheese lovers. Nowadays, Koza Chka has also opened its own workshop, which produces fresh cheeses, authorial chesses with blue mold and cheeses aged for 3-6 months. Home-made cheeses are made by special recipes with only fresh milk, without vegetable oils, preservatives and other healthless additives. Development and experiments are Koza Chka main tends. Its wide assortment includes cow milk brynza, fresh cow cheese with fenugreek, mozzarella, suluguni cheese, goat cheese brynza. There are also tasty cheese rolls in fragrant sun flower oil, various soft fresh cheeses with thyme, cinnamon and almond, ricotta and mint cheese for sandwiches and bakery food. Along with the cheese production, Koza Chka also organizes thematic master-classes on home cheese making.
Where to buy:
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Semero Kozlyat

Semero Kozlyat (“Seven goatlings”) milk farm is located in an environmentally pristine location in Makovetskiy farmstead in Kyiv oblast. The farm keeps more than 300 brood Saanen goats. The majority of these goats were brought from German, Austrian and French farms. Semero Kozlyat owners stick to organic animal farming principles and treat their goats with love. The farm includes small private cheese factory, which produces hand-made cheeses. Semero Kozlyat farm offers such delicious cheeses as suluguni, halloumi, scamorza of pasta filata group; diverse soft goat and cow milk cheeses with white mold, including cheese with black Italian truffles; soft labneh cheeses; classic hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Gouda, Basiron Pesto and their variations – fitness pesto, Gouda with sun dried tomatoes, tramontane goat milk cheese, Cheddar with smoke cured paprika and olive oil, goat milk Cheddar, hard cow milk cheese with caraway and many other. The cheese factory also provides yoghurts and kefirs. Cheese making courses for beginners as well as for experienced professionals are also available here.
Where to buy:
22, Uritskogo street, Kyiv
Online order in Kyiv
Taste exceptionally delicious cheeses of the best Ukrainian cheese brands.
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