Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv

Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv

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Enjoy browsing a range of delicious cheeses, wines and related products at Lviv Wine and Cheese Festival. Following the great success of the last year’s festival, Wine and Cheese Fest is coming back to Lviv with fresh outlook, gathering numerous local and foreign brands and farms.

Lviv gets exceptionally busy in fall. With all the bookworm crowd leaving the city after the biggest Ukrainian Book Forum in September, it’s the foodies who will take the stage in Lviv. Stock up with best wines and cheeses at the farmers’ market and enjoy the warm cozy atmosphere of the food festival. Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv offers a divers program as well as endless opportunities for networking and mingling.
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Photo: Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival Facebook Page
Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival is the main autumn gastronomic Festival in Ukraine and a good opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of both cheese and wine making in Lviv, visit fairs, concerts, contests, music band concerts and certainly taste good cheese and good wine.

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Photo: Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival Facebook Page
Museum Square will host Lviv's first mulled wine festival that will fill the city with the comforting smell of spiced booze. There will be everything mulled: cider, mead, ice cream, sweets and a lot of wine. Live music will entertain the crowds.
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Celebrate the world-class food, art, music, culture, history and the rich heritage of Lviv and Western Ukraine at Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv.
When: October 21-23, 2016
Where: Pototsky Palace and Museum Square, Lviv.

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