San Tori restaurant located on Podil in Kyiv has been working hard to introduce and popularize Pan-Asian cuisine for more than twenty years. “Usually when you ask locals about Japanese cuisine, all they know is sushi,” — says the restaurant’s chef Takashi Kobayashi. His colleague chef Dodo backs up the statement — his native Thai cuisine is just as underrepresented in Ukraine. The two chefs are determined to change the situation for better.

I'm in Ukraine for a year and a half. Have my impressions of this country changed within this time? No, they haven’t. When I moved to Kyiv, I knew where I was going to, I've been here before. And I always liked Kyiv. The only thing that disappoints is politics.

Slava Babych is the eminent Kyiv barista, the winner of many coffee-related championships, whose hands can make a true magic with coffee. He is sociable, but straightforward person about whom you can hear many different stories, truthful and not. He is intolerant of dilettantes and above all he appreciates professionalism in work and quality of the final product.

We met with two great Mexican chefs in Kyiv while they were serving special brunch in the name of Mexican Independence Day organized by the Embassy of Mexico. It was a great chance to talk to them and to understand better real Mexican cuisine and traditions and how these guys feel in Ukraine.

Restaurateur, gastronomic enthusiast, co-founder of the "Resto Practik" project and "GastroSreda" movement , Aurora Ogorodnik shares her thoughts about the gastronomic tastes of Ukrainians and the development of gastro culture in our country.

Alexey Shemenkov is only 30 but he has quite a solid experience and the heart full of bold ambitions. His passion to gastronomy and cooking took roots in his early childhood, his experience came from the leading meat restaurants and his professionalism was rewarded by being named among TOP10 Best Meat Chefs of Ukraine according to "Focus" magazine.

He is the most Italian among all Ukrainian chefs by nationality and the mostly Ukrainian among all Italian chefs by heart. Stefano came to Ukraine about 18 years ago by an invitation from Kyiv's businessmen to develop an ambitious restaurant project, then there was an experience in Kharkiv and finally he appeared in Poltava since met a wonderful Ukrainian woman, got married, got a son and settled in Ukraine.

If you walk through the historic center of Kyiv, be sure to drop into VaBene Bistro to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine by Matteo Boifava, chef who has worked in different top restaurants of the world as Fat Duck London, Restaurant of the year 2001 by Michelin, owned by Heston Blumenthal. We met with him to learn more about the life of the eminent Italian chief in Ukraine and asked him to share his ideas about gastro-culture and culinary preferences of Ukrainians.

In Napule restaurant pizzaiolo Giuseppe Irollo bakes probably the most delicious Neapolitan pizza in the city. The whole technological process is thought out to the last detail: pizza is cooked in the right oven that is built by the Italian expert Stefano Ferrara according to all the rules; delicious ingredients are brought from Italy; and, of course, the tastiest pizza is made by the skillful hands of Giuseppe.

In Casa Nori (Mr. Nori's house), which is located in Podil, you can choose the desired format of the evening: a nice informal chat at the bar with your friends with a glass of wine and a set of snacks in hand with pleasant music on the first floor or comfortable family\romantic evening on the second floor at a table near a window or with a view of the open kitchen.

Just a couple of days before the New Year Eve we talked to Viktor Timchishin, chef of Black Market restaurant in Kyiv, about his view on the restaurant business in the country. While talking we prepared a delicious dish for the holiday table.

Photo: @dinarakasko
What happens when an architectural designer tries baking desserts? The Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko is the master of combining baking with geometric figures and architectural designs. Boasting bold colors, sharp lines and unbelievably smooth surfaces, each cake piece looks too stylish to be eaten.

Photo Anna Vishtak
Evgeniy Klopotenko, the winner of Master Chef-5 TV show in Ukraine, young businessman, brand chef of Rojo Ojo Mexican restaurant and the graduate of Le Cordon Bleu school, shares his impressions of Paris and future plans in Kyiv.

Evgeniy Klopotenko, the winner of Master Chef-5 in Ukraine, young businessman and now brand chef of the new Mexican restaurant in Kiev, talks about his future plans and ideas about gastronomy in Ukraine.

Together with Vladimir Bolibrukh, chef in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv and VOGUE Café Kiev, we will prepare fried artichokes with prawns, Kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes, sprinkled with pine nuts and decorated with fried basil.

Together with Vladimir Bolibrukh, chef in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv and VOGUE Café Kiev, we will prepare a salad with green beans, mushrooms and scallops. The main products are: marinated paprika, boiled mushrooms, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, scallops and oyster sauce. It is meatless salad.

Today we are in VOGUE Café Kiev in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv. This is a special place for those who really take care about what they eat, where and with whom. High quality food, spacy and perfectly decorated interior with amazing Dnipro River view outside the big windows will make your day in VOGUE Café Kiev.

Dmitry was trained at the legendary Savoy American Bar, Nightjar, Fifth Floor and Colebrook Row 69. Moreover, he is Diageo Brand Ambassador in Ukraine, the finalist of mixology championship and one of the most famous bartenders of Kiev. “Destinations” met with Dima Shovkoplyas to talk about bar culture of the capital and his personal attitude to the bartender profession.

Fabrizio Righetti - the chef of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv restaurants (K-LARGO LOUNGE BAR, BISTRO CÔTÉ EST, MILLE MIGLIA RISTORANTE & ENOTECA) - cooks a risotto with gorgonzola, radicchio and red wine.

We’ve met with Fabrizio Righetti in Mille Miglia restaurant & enoteca in Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv on a rainy and cold day for an interview. But instead of usual conversation we started cooking risotto with radicchio and gorgonzola according to the chef’s special recipe and in a few minutes the atmosphere around became warm and cozy.

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