Comeback Everyday Cafe in Kyiv

Comeback Everyday Cafe in Kyiv
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Comeback everyday cafe in Kyiv is a universal dining place. Here you can have a good breakfast in the morning and enjoy a tasty cocktail in the evening. And it does not matter when you decide to start your day – breakfasts here are served at any time during working hours. The name of the cafe speaks for itself: this location is attractive enough to come back every day for a good meal.

The owners of Comeback cafe designed interior and menu themselves. The hall of this cafe is pretty small, it holds 30-35 visitors. Soft furniture, white color – everything here creates a cozy atmosphere. The interior design is notable for interesting collection of vintage stuff such as commode, lamps, wall with doors, leather sofa and unusual decor elements. The kitchen is united with hall, so you can feel the smell of dishes being cooked.
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The menu offers great breakfasts with unlimited coffee before 12:00. Here you will find wide choice of salads and sandwiches with various fillings (here they are called “breads”). Breakfast dishes include omelette, Benedict eggs, syrniks made of nonfat curd with vanilla sour cream and chestnut syrup, “baby” pancakes with rose jam and halusky with salty caramel.
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As for dinner, guests should surely pay attention to the option of constructing their own meal from offered three side dishes (couscous, bulgur and spaghetti) and three main courses (vegetables, chicken or beef). The menu also includes pumpkin and corn puree with liver, sage oil and Philadelphia cheese; salads and breads with tune, duck and salmon; polenta toasts with tomatoes and feta cheese; jellied beef tongue; and, of course, delicious borsch.
What about desserts? Do not miss a chance to try unusual Napoleon cake without butter; nut meringue with chocolate and cognac cream; brownie with vanilla ice cream; carrot trifle with scalded cream and white chocolate.
The list of drinks also delights with variety of interesting options. You may choose from many types of coffee, vitamin tea, lemonades, cocktails and good wines. Talking about coffee, it is recommended to try cappuccino with caramel and orange peel, Oreo coffee with chocolate ice cream and sweet pumpkin latte without sugar.
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All breakfasts are served on wooden trays with a fresh newspaper, which adds special notes of a cheerful morning ambience to each order. Comeback everyday cafe in Kyiv is a perfect place for breakfast, but in evenings you will also feel comfortable here, sipping a glass of wine or cocktail and watching burning candles in subdued lighting.
Pleasant atmosphere, friendly stuff, reasonable prices and big portions of tasty food definitely makes this cafe a place to come back every day.
Address: 89а, Saksaganskogo street
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Photo source: Comeback Everyday cafe Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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