Corkage Fee in Kyiv

Corkage Fee in Kyiv

Every once in a while when dining out, instead of ordering a bottle from the restaurant’s wine list, guests would like to bring one of their own. Restaurants usually encourage people to order from their in-house wines list, but sometimes guests have a special bottle they’ve been saving for the occasion to enjoy with fine food at their favorite restaurant. 

And this is where understanding the delicate dance of the corkage fee comes in. Most good restaurants in Kyiv don’t allow diners to bring their own wine, so the first step in deciding whether or not to bring your own bottle is to call ahead and ask if it’s allowed. Simply ask what the restaurant’s corkage policy is, and then, whether or not they have a fee. However, many restaurants in Kyiv haven’t even heard of the «corkage fee» policy, so you may also need to explain how the corkage fee works and ask if the restaurant allows it after.

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The corkage fee covers service (but not tips/service charge), wine glass breakage/rental and some of the lost revenue from not selling a wine off the restaurant's list. Keep in mind that restaurants are in the business to make money and wine is perhaps their biggest profit. «Destinations» rounded up the list of restaurants in Kyiv, which welcome guests with their own alcohol and have set corkage fees.
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Black Market

11 black market
Photo: Black Market FB page
It is a five star restaurant with excellent food and selection of wine. Victor Tymchyshyn, Head Chef, has prepared an excellent repertoire of his very original cuisine, which combines Ukrainian traditions with modern gastronomic trends. Dishes are reminiscent of the best from France. The sommelier of the restaurant Yuliya Ignatyuk can make the best choice of wine to your dish.
The corkage fee for a bottle of wine is UAH 150 and UAH 250 for a bottle of liqueurs and spirits.
Address: 2, Mechnikova Street, Kyiv

Beef and Wine

Photo: Beef&Wine FB page
This premium restaurant specializes in cooking of various types of meat and offers an impressive wine list. An opportunity to taste meat of calf, pig, rabbit, turkey, ostrich and duck as well as to order the right wine for the meat is a special feature of the restaurant. Each steak is cooked perfectly to order.
The corkage fee for a bottle of wine is UAH 300 and UAH 450 for a bottle of liqueurs and spirits.
Address: 11, Shota Rustaveli, Kyiv


Perets WP
Photo: Perets webpage
In five halls of this restaurant you can enjoy food and also relax together with the company of friends, sing in karaoke, watch football matches on a big screen or just take a glass or two at the bar. This cozy place specializes in grilled meat. There is a great service and excellent prices. Large variety of dishes from meat from Ukrainian to Continental ones satisfies any taste. There are fresh oysters daily.
The corkage fee for a bottle of local liquor is UAH 100 and UAH 200 for a bottle of imported liquor.
Address: 29, Marshala Timoshenko, Kyiv

Vino e Cucina Restaurant and Enoteca

Vino e Cucina FB
Photo: Vino e Cucina FB page
A new Italian restaurant, Vino e Cucina is not similar to any of the existing ones in Kiev. The large two-story building hosts three independent and at the same time interconnected rooms that have their atmosphere: enoteca, cozy home-style pizzeria and a refined Italian restaurant. The menu is built on the basis of traditional Italian dishes, however it includes the diversity of Italian cuisine. Here one can find all the tastes of Italy: pizza, pasta, bruschetta, salads, appetizers to wine, mozzarella bar, spectacular hot dishes, homemade pastries and desserts.
The corkage fee for any bottle of alcohol is UAH 150.
Adress: 82 SichovyhStriltsiv str., Kiev
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One thing to note, should you desire to bring your own wine, is that you should never look at the corkage fee as a way to save money, bringing a cheap bottle and paying the fee in order to undercut the price of wine on the restaurant’s list. If you decide to bring your own bottle, bring something nice.

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