DeCoupaGe Café in Kyiv

DeCoupaGe Café in Kyiv
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Recently, a new coffee shop was opened in beautiful Vozdvizhenka district of Kyiv. We are talking about DeCoupaGe café – a place that impresses with authentic Italian hospitality and French coziness. Those who have tried unusual lavender coffee, sophisticated wines and delicious desserts in DeCoupaGe never lose a chance to visit this dining spot again.

The first DeCoupaGe café on Mala Zhytomyrska street, currently closed for reconstruction till 2019, was founded by a family couple, which succeeded in creating a place with an atmosphere uniting tranquility of France with hot Italian temper. In the newly-opened DeCoupaGe café on Degtyarna street in elegant Vozdvizhenka district, the guests enjoy interior design in the style of French Provence along with delicious coffee and food.
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Unique lavender coffee is the most popular drink among DeCoupaGe café frequent visitors. This coffee is made using special patented recipe of DCG café with 100% freshly-roasted Arabic coffee beans. The guests of the café also love to order espresso served with Italian parmesan, Ukrainian and Moroccan coffee, classic and orange cappuccino. Tea in DeCoupaGe café is made using home-blended herbs. The seasonal menu includes lemonades, smoothies, Italian drinks with coffee such as Shakerato, Frulatto, Frappe. The wines in the café are divided into two categories: for everyday and for special occasions, so guests can pick exactly what they need at the moment. DeCoupaGe offers sophisticated wines from Spain, Italy, Chile and France. Apart from drinks, guests are welcome to buy ground coffee and beans. Light roast Arabic coffee and monosorts from Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil will surely delight any coffee fan.
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As for main courses and desserts, DeCoupaGe café also has plenty of attractive options. The guests may choose delicious desserts, bakery, toasts, and croissants with butter for a breakfast as well as pasta made by Italian recipes and tasty salads for a dinner. By the way, in DeCoupaGe café you can watch an exciting process of cooking pasta.
The list of desserts in DeCoupaGe seduces with delicious cheesecakes, brownies, caramel crème, uncommon Napoleon in a glass, home-made zephyr and macarons. The assortment of main courses pleases the eye by tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, pappardelle with gorgonzola and walnuts, Maya and Caprese salads, toasts with prosciutto, Brie cheese and jam.
Welcome to DeCoupaGe café to feel like in Italy and France and the same time and to taste the most delicious dishes and drinks.
Address: 6, Degtyarna street
Photo source: Facebook page of DeCoupaGe café. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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