Fish Market at Vsi Svoyi Gastronomiya

Fish Market at Vsi Svoyi Gastronomiya
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On 9 September 2017, Vsi Svoyi Gastronomiya market presents Fish market in Ukrainian capital. Kyiv dwellers and guests are welcome to large food-courts, occupying two floors of the building on 12, Desyatynna street in the very center of the city. Here visitors will be offered diverse fish and seafood for any taste as well as delicious sauces and drinks.

This weekend, fish and seafood is going to play a key role on Vsi Svoyi Gastronomiya food courts. Even the most sophisticated gourmands will be surprised with variety of dried, smoked, live fish, sauces and other tasty things from the best Ukrainian producers. Food courts on open terraces will present a plenty of fish and seafood delicacies such as rainbow trout, canapé with black caviar, tiger shrimps on grill, crayfishes with chili pepper, fish taco, mackerel on grill, appetizing sandwiches with fish, olives, dried tomatoes and Greek yoghurt and many other gifts for foodies.
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Among other culinary masterpieces, visitors of the market will have a chance to enjoy boiled crayfishes with chili pepper in fragrant consommé with axle grease. Of course, crayfishes need to be served with a right beer. Craft Huzul brewery “Cypa” offers “Petros” beer from “Cypa tradition” series. This sort of beer is notable for its light malty flavor, spicy fragrance of hop and sweet fruits, and mandarin notes.
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Of course, famous combination of oysters and wine is also worth attention. Oysters from “Oysters of Skythia” and perfect wines from “Sanych Drinks” will bring you moments of unforgettable pleasure.
Halaszle soup, a classic Hungarian dish, is another attraction of Fish market. This delicious soup includes various fresh-water fish, white onion, sweet paprika, tomatoes and dill.
Black caviar from Bester is a real specialty, highly appreciated in Ukraine as well as in EU countries. Bester is a Ukrainian flagship in the field of industrial farming of sturgeon and sterlet. The fish is fed with own-produced aqua feed without hormonal stimulants, so Bester products are exceptionally tasty and healthy. Don`t miss your chance to try delicious black caviar from Bester at Fish market.
“You can find so much fish only in the sea!" – organizers of Fish market in Kyiv promise.
When: 9-10 September
Where: 12, Desyatynna street, Kyiv
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
Enter: free
Photo source: Fish market Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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