Gastrobar Regenschirm in Podil

Gastrobar Regenschirm in Podil

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Bar Regenschirm in Podil area, a very popular party destination as it is, has recently changed its concept to offer not just exceptionally well mixed cocktails but delicious food as well.

Regenschirm is the reincarnation of the popular Parasolka bar (“umbrella” in Ukrainian), which was closed down by local authorities in fall 2016. The bar was re-opened in April 2017 in the same area, in Podil, the name of the bar also remained the same, however, the owners opted for a German version of the word «Umbrella». The concept didn’t change a bit. Regenschirm is a place to enjoy drinks, vibrant beats and good company of fellow party enthusiasts. This bar has instantly gathered a fair crowd of loyal fans, mainly young hip crowd, who enjoyed its signature cocktails and «Europe’s hot-right-now» tunes. The atmosphere of the place is very friendly and relaxed.
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In November Regenschirm has switched concepts and now guests are also welcome to savor a variety of signature dishes and snacks. The ground floor still serves as a conventional party-bar. DJs are playing their sets in the evening; guests are dancing and drinking by the «R» shaped bar.

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The upper floor has entirely different ambience. This is a cozy space with soft booths and separate bar, serving coffee and wine. It aims at delivering the most pleasant dining experience. The menu is very interesting and carefully set; it offers many German-cuisine inspired dishes. The bar menu has also added some new cocktails: Jäger Sour, White Lady, Penicillin, Maria and many other. Regenschirm now also offers a variety of wines (from Chile, Argentina, Italy, France and Australia) to perfectly compliment dinner or lunch.
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Address: 25, Khoryva street, Kyiv.

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