GOOD WINE: The Art of Grocery Shopping in Kyiv

GOOD WINE: The Art of Grocery Shopping in Kyiv

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Good Wine premium grocery store in Kyiv has undergone some major renovation recently. Now customers can enjoy an impressive selection of top-notch products from deli corner, grill zone, healthy food section as well as interesting conceptual solutions in liquor section.

Tasting zones, sushi bar, whisky bar and grill bar, healthy food corner, modern coffee shop - this is a mere part of all the customer-friendly additions that Good Wine has added to its services.
Champagne wall, which’s greeting the guests at the entrance to the store, offers 7 shelves of champagne from around the world. Even the most spoilt champagne fans will be impressed with the list of options for bubbly.

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Moving on to stronger liquors, Good Wine offers the library of whiskey and whisky bar section. The library of whisky consists of collector’s room with exclusive brands, single malt whisky corner and whisky bar where customers can taste a wide variety of whisky brands before purchasing the one. The whisky corner has 200 impressive options of strong liqueurs from around the world available for tasting: whisky, cognac, rum, tequila, gin, calvados, brandy, grappa and many others.
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The wine section at the renovated Good Wine is divided into several zones geographically-wise. This makes the navigation through what seems like an endless selection of wines easy and pleasant. The sections are as follows: old world wines (France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal), new world wines (South Africa, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and the USA), European wines (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Montenegro and Croatia) as well as Ukrainian wines. Good Wine offers 4000 options of wine.
101 Wine Bar in Good Wine is a concept wine tasting bar offering 101 (no surprise here) wine brands and a pleasant selection of appetizers. Guests can pair a glass of wine with the cheeses, tapas, tar tar, jamón, prime seafood and ribs.

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Sushi Bar and grill offers dishes cooked on the open kitchen to the customers, who can enjoy their food at the cozy bar or order it for the take away. Vegans and vegetarians will love the healthy foods corner at Good Wine. Here you can buy delicious freshly made smoothies, salads, hummus, guacamole and many other healthy foods.

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Good Wine store offers a revolutionary take on Kyiv’s conventional grocery shopping. Here buying drinks and food translates into totally new and super pleasant experience, where customers are spoilt for choice however due to friendly and professional service never lost or misguided.
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Address: 9, Mechnikova street, Kyiv.
Photo source: Good Wine Facebook page

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