Halal Cuisine in Kyiv

Halal Cuisine in Kyiv

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If you're looking for a halal restaurant, you'll be spoilt for choice in Kyiv. Many local restaurants serve halal food, and some offer strictly halal menu only.

Halal is Arabic for permissible. Halal food is the one that adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. Kyiv has different restaurants serving halal food for the city’s numerous tourists from Arabic countries and locals who are looking for some new gastronomical experiences. However, please note that some restaurants serving halal food also serve alcohol. So, it’s best to ask first.
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İstanbul Meyhane Kyiv

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Photo: İstanbul Meyhane Facebook Page
İstanbul Meyhane prides itself to be one of the most authentic Turkish cuisine restaurants in Kyiv. İstanbul Meyhane fuses traditional, authentic Turkish cuisine with a warm, modern atmosphere to provide a unique fine dining experience. Chefs here use only the finest halal ingredients to create an authentic Turkish taste for each dish.
Address: 15, Konovaltsya street, Kyiv.

Lavash Center

LAvash center
Photo: Lavash Center web page
Halal fast food trend is growing and has hit Kyiv recently. Lavash Center is a fast-food restaurant in the center of Kyiv that also offers a fast and convenient delivery service. The beef and chicken used in their burgers are halal - meaning they are made with meat slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws. Burgers here come with single or double patties topped with sautéed mushrooms, eggs, coleslaw and turkey bacon.
Address: 43/13 Chervonoarmiyska street, Kyiv

Cafe Dash

Photo: Cafe Dash web page
Cafe Dash in Kyiv offers fine dining experience featuring the best authentic Arabic cuisine (halal) made fresh daily. The chef of Cafe Dash cooks authentic Turkish food for guests looking for an affordable and delectable alternative to chain restaurants. Cafe Dash invites to experience Turkish hospitality and great food from the Mediterranean Region right in the heart of Kyiv.
Address: 2, Besarabska Square, Kyiv
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Many restaurants and street food joints in Kyiv serve halal dishes. Often you have to look for a special «halal» sign or sticker indicating that here you can order halal food and enjoy authentic Arabian cuisine.

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