Ibsen Scandinavian Restaurant

Ibsen Scandinavian Restaurant

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Whether you fancy a fishy bite or like to savor your seafood, Ibsen Scandinavian restaurant is a place to visit in Kyiv. Recently named as the best fish restaurant by SALT National Restaurant Awards, Ibsen is a restaurant that will awe its visitors with delicious and unusual Scandinavian cuisine.

Situated in Kyiv downtown, Ibsen is the epitome of Scandinavian chic and substance. Simple and gentle decor creates a relaxing space, with the ethic of tranquility both in the food and in the surroundings. The interior design was created by a well-known Sergey Makhno Architects. Interior designers were aiming at creating an authentic Scandinavian restaurant where the walls would also make guests feel the texture, flavor and taste of fish. In other words, Ibsen Restaurant is simply bringing a fragment of Scandinavia to Kyiv downtown. As a result the restrained interior puts an emphasis on nature and Nordic elements.
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The RAW-bar located on the first floor of the restaurant offers a great selection of fresh seafood as well as variety of fish on display for visitors to choose from. The chef will cook the picked by the guest fish according to his wishes and culinary preferences.

The elegant European menu has a distinct Nordic feel. This place is part of the new-wave Nordic style sweeping the international cuisine world recently. Dishes at Ibsen are full of authentic Scandinavian nuance and subtleties. Meatballs, herrings and salmon are common themes on the menu, as are varieties of rich and dark rye bread. All of the ingredients come from the best local and international producers and suppliers. All waiters have a thorough knowledge of each dish.

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The wine list and bar selection of Ibsen are not overly extensive, however they can satisfy a demanding connoisseur. The restaurant offers some classic wines but also wines that are less known and are brought from slightly more interesting regions and grape varieties. Cocktails are suitably Scandi, too.

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In case you are in the mood for seafood or dining with a healthy eater or pescatarian, Ibsen Scandinavian Restaurant in Kyiv is the place to book a table at for the best fish and authentic Scandinavian atmosphere.
Address: 16, Mechnikova street, Kyiv
Photo Source: Ibsen Facebook Page

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