Kosher Restaurants in Kiev

Kosher Restaurants in Kiev

Whether you keep kosher or are an interested observant of Jewish cuisine traditions, the best kosher restaurants in Kiev will offer something for all tastes. Keeping kosher in Kyiv recently became way more varied than simply settling for plain falafel. 

There are scores of top-rate kosher restaurants in Kiev to suit religious gourmands, from the bagel places to authentic Jewish cuisine restaurants. For eateries that faithfully abide by orthodox Jewish policies, you should check out «Destinations»’ list of kosher restaurants in Kiev.
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King David restaurant

Photo: King David web page
This place is one of the most well-known kosher restaurants in Kiev. Numerous guests and many years of history created good image of this restaurant. The first hall is decorated in the old street style with night-lighting. The second hall is royally furnished. There are black-and-white photos of the old town in wooden frames on the walls; the Hebrew Scriptures and the national attributes are also used as decor. Excellent taste of dishes prepared according to the rules of kashrut and relaxing atmosphere help you to enjoy the evening in this restaurant.
Traditionally kosher places are closed on Saturdays, so the Shabbat menu is available here (large portions of dishes that are ordered on Friday for the weekend).
Address: 24, Esplanadna Str., Kiev
Tsimes restaurant

Photo: Tsimes Kiev web page
This place is created in the spirit of the world-famous Jewish sense of humor and self-irony. It is located in Podil area, the place where historically Jewish diaspora have lived. Odessa city also influenced the idea of this restaurant because the city is famous for its funny stories thanks to friendly and positive Jewish people who live there.
The restaurant is decorated like old apartment of Aunt Sonya (famous Odessa character) and it demonstrates the spirit of Jewish streets of Odessa. If you have never been in this legendary city you should visit Tsimes restaurant and most probably your next trip will be to Odessa. The restaurant offers authentic kosher cuisine and atmospheric cozy interior.
Address: 5/10 Igorevskaya / Sagaydachnogo Str., Kiev
Kosher Menu at Serebro Restaurant

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Photo: Serebro facebook Page
Serebro is a famous nightlife venue in Kyiv. This place offers haute European cuisine, karaoke, concert hall and disco club. In addition, Serebro also offers a very special kosher-menu even for the most spoiler foodies. The prices are above avarage, however the  food, the atmosphere and the service makes the costs look very reasonabe. 
3, Mechnikova street, Kyiv. 

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Photo: Bakerman web page
This is a Jewish restaurant in Kiev created according to all the traditions of kosher Jewish cuisine. It serves healthy dishes based on seasonal ingredients directly from the market stands in a kitchen that combines love and creativity with delicious flavors. Lunch and dinner menus at Bakerman offer perfectly cooked meats on a hot skillets that come straight to the table in hefty proportions. The atmosphere of the restaurant is beautifully designed to invite all varieties of diners through the door.
Address: 29, Shchekavitska street, Kiev.
Restaurant at Podol Inn Kosher Hotel

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Photo: Podol Inn Kosher Hotel web page
Podol Inn is the first and only kosher hotel today in the capital of Ukraine. It was opened in March, 2012 in the historical city center near Kiev’s Main Synagogue, The Great Choral Synagogue in Podol. It’s brand new, modern, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable stay for our guests, reception of touristic groups, workshops, presentation and other public events. In the hotel structure there is a kosher restaurant and new beautiful Mikvah. Hotel’s kosher restaurant in Kiev offers a rotating selection of excellent hot (mushroom barley, split pea) and cold (borscht, cucumber) soups, and boiled or fried pierogi stuffed with cheese, potatoes or sauerkraut and mushrooms. Restaurant’s breakfast menu offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, such as a hearty veggie burger with sweet potato fries, and traditional Jewish breakfasts with a vast selection of breads, jams, salads, and eggs in case you are looking for some kosher breakfast early in the morning.
Address: 29, Shchekavitska street, Kiev.
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The capital of Ukraine has long welcomed a large and vibrant Jewish community and there is a number of kosher restaurants in Kiev to choose from. Our web rounded up a list of most popular kosher cuisine restaurants for every taste and occasion.

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