«Like a Local’s» Wine Bar in Kyiv

«Like a Local’s» Wine Bar in Kyiv

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Like a Local’s Wine Bar was opened in Kyiv downtown in December 2016 and instantly became a popular place among those who enjoy spending an evening with a glass of fine wine and listening to good music. This place offers a great selection of the best Ukrainian wines and gourmet snacks to pair them with.

The place aims at promoting high quality Ukrainian wines introducing them to the wide range of eager customers. Here guests can sample wines from the following Ukrainian wineries: Inkerman, Vyna Guliyevyh, Trubetskoy Winery, Colonist, Grande Vallee, SHABO, Kotnar, Chizay, Bolgrad, Koblevo, French Boulevard,  Artemivsk Winery and Swans Land. Wines are sold by glass or by the bottle.
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As for the food, guests are offered an array of various gourmet snacks that will complement the wine. Most popular among visitors are cheese and meat platters. All cheeses and meats are supplied by local farms. Meat platter includes Ukrainian jamóns, artisan smoked sausages, halal meats, prime steaks and quarry. Various wine tastings are regularly held at the wine bar and these events are great way to learn and explore local wine brands. You can keep an eye on all the upcoming wine-themed happening via Like a Local’s Facebook page.

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The music at Like a Local’s Wine Bar deserves a separate mention as we couldn’t but notice that its playlist received some major positive feedback from the visitors on social media. At this Wine bar in Kyiv the service is not forced and neither is a vibrant atmosphere.
Like a Local’s is not just an ordinary wine bar, it is a whole community of passionate people committed to have some quality time with a glass of fine wine and exceptionally good food.

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Address: 26, Sichovyh Stril’tsiv street, Kyiv.
One more Like a Local’s bar was opened in the end of 2017 at Lva Tolstoho Street, 5. 
Photo source: Like a Local's Facebook Page

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