Lviv New Restaurants to Visit this Fall

Lviv New Restaurants to Visit this Fall

Photo: Plates&Cups Interior
With the arrival of fall the number of options for dining and wining in Lviv seems to double. The well-established and already popular among locals as well as numerous tourists restaurants come up with new seasonal menus and newly opened venues trying to awe a well spoiled Lviv crowd with new dishes and cocktails. We offer you the list of up-and-coming Lviv dining and wining spots to try out this fall.

L'affinage Artisan Cheese

Fine wine and cheese, timeless combination that will probably never go out of gastronomical style will be always in trend for a dinner date or a simple meet up with a bunch of friends. L'affinage Artisan Cheese is a new place in Lviv, offering the quintessential wine and cheese dining experience. Located in a busy Kruva Lypa lane, L'affinage Artisan Cheese will definitely catch your eye with a hip design, welcoming atmosphere and magic fairy lights in the evening not to mention delicious aroma of fine food.
Address: 7, Kruva Lypa lane, Lviv. 
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Pid Zolotoyu Zirkoyu
(Under the Golden Star) new pastry shop in Lviv is quite a puzzling place, as at the entrance guests will read the sign that in addition to being the pastry shop it is also an apothecary museum. On entering the premises of this new confectionery place most guests will be surprised to find themselves inside the 19th century drud-store with the authentic furnishing and equipment. However, after looking more closely visitors will see the impressive selection of cakes, confectionery and baked goods elegantly arranged on the counter. The owners of  Pid Zolotoyu Zirkoyu have done a good job in re-contructing one of the oldest and most famous drugstores in Ukraine that used to be located in this building - Piot Mikolasch Apothecary. Now this is a very atmospheric place offering mind-blowing collection of desserts and pastry. 
Address:  1, Kopernika street, Lviv.

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Druzi cafe & bar Lviv
, a new diner in the heart of Lviv offering hip interior design and simply delicious meals.  Druzi cafe & bar Lviv is actually what it’s named - the perfect place to have a bite with your friends («druzi» in Ukrainian means friends). The menu offers fresh salads, burgers, pasta, great selection of snacks and desserts and breakfast sets. 
Address: 5, Krakivska srtreet, Lviv. 

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This is the newest addition to vibrant Lviv gastro scene. Plates&Cups cafe was opened at the end of August and has already stirred a certain hype among local foodies and bloggers. All the food and drinks here are super delicious as well as photogenic. Here guests can enjoy delicious cakes, pies and pastry, fragrant coffee and sumptuous breakfasts and lunches. The cafe is light and spacious, with big widows, comfortable soft booths  and hip wooden furniture. 
Address: 43/12 Brativ Rihatyntsiv street, Lviv. 

Yushka and Schnitzel Bar
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You have probably heard of schnitzels and not so much about «yushka». «Yushka» is a traditional Ukrainian broth soup. The new Yushka and Schnitzel Bar, which has recently opened in Lviv, currently is on top of must-visit gastronomical lists of many travelers as well as locals. 
This place boats very interesting and carefully thought-through interior design, featuring many interesting details. 
The menu offers 5 kinds of «yushka» and 3 types of schnitzel as well as salads and desserts.
Address: 3/3 Virmenska street, Lviv.

Baluvana Halya Varenyky Place

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Baluvana Halya (spoiled girl whose name is Galya, traditional Ukrainian female name) is a quintessential image of Ukrainian girl who will not settle for anything mediocre. With that in mind, this new Varenyky place in Lviv offers only the best version of the traditional Ukrainian dish. Varenyky are Ukrainian dumplings also known as «pierogi». Dough is a simple mix of flour, water and salt. And stuffing can be anything: from mashed potatoes with mushrooms and fried onions, pickled cabbage, minced meat and even cherries!  The sweet version of varenyky is usually served with sour cream and honey.
Address: 1, Yavorskyy Square, Lviv
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Image source: Facebook pages of businesses mention in the article, Instagram @bubeleh 

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