Lviv Restaurants and Bars with Live Music

Lviv Restaurants and Bars with Live Music

Lviv is home to a wide array of live music venues, from hipster coffee shops with tiny stages, to spacious restaurants that offer a plant of space for bands and their music.  If you are a fan of good food and you are looking for a fun way to spend your evening, why not go out for a dinner with live music? There are several fine places in Lviv that offer evening shows and live performances. «Destinations» rounds up the list of the most popular ones.

Hrushevsky Cinema Jazz

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Hrushevsky Cinema Jazz restaurant (28, Shevchenka avenue, Lviv) in Lviv often describes itself as city’s only restaurant of improvisations, both musical and gastronomical. The restaurant offers European and local cuisine and a diverse program of artistic events. Movies on the big screen, art exhibitions, live concerts, parties, book reading – it’s not the full list of events awaiting the visitors. Every evening visitors will have a chance to enjoy light live jazz to make the evening in Hrushevsky a very pleasant affair.
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Kopalnya Kavy

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Kopalnya Kavy coffee shop is located on the corner building of Rynok Square and Rus’ka street. This is one of the most popular coffee shops in Lviv, where they turn drinking and buying coffee into a whole performance. The name of the coffee shop in Ukrainian means coffee mine and it aims at making naive tourists believe that coffee is actually mined at the dungeons beneath the coffee shop. Despite all the touristy buffoonery this place sells a decent selection of coffees and offers really stylish gift wrappings.
Not many Lviv visitors know though, that this is also one of the best music venue of Lviv downtown. The furthest part of Kopalnya Kavy which is actually an inner courtyard of the ancient stone villa has a glass roof and hipster interior. This music space often houses live gigs of interesting musicians and bands.

Pravda. Beer Theater

The brain child of the local hospitality chain popular for its creative concept places (Masoch cafe, Kryyivka, Gas Lamp pub-museum and others) occupies the corner building on Rynok Square which used to be an upscale department store with over 200 year history. Take a word of advice from us and skip the food (which has received some bad reviews from many visitors recently), check their concert schedule on-line and hit the place to enjoy an evening of good music and an impressive selection of craft beer brands on offer.

Libraria Speakeasy Bar

Libraria (located at the Armenian Courtyard) offers high-style interior with old-school bookish charm. Not surprisingly, there are books everywhere. While this venue isn't super serious about its bookish background, it's definitely a place where any bibliophile would definitely feel at home. 
Check Libraria schedule for live jazz bands. They hold jazz jam sessions and concerts 3-4 times a week. There is no table reservation available at Libraria: “first come - first served” is the motto of this place, so, it’s always a good idea to come a bit earlier before the concert.
You can always enjoy a drink or two and a casual conversation with a fellow visitor. 

Music Lab

Music Lab in Lviv is a well established and very popular among local hipster crowd venue that offers the genuine atmosphere of a common European music bar. The place has a no-fuss service, well mixed drinks, delicious American style food and works around the clock. Music Lad hosts various live music gig twice or three times a week with a DJ playing groovy tracks the rest of the nights. Located on 27, Brativ Rohatyntsiv, Lviv.
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If you’re someone who prefers to enjoy bands in a cozier setting over some food and beverage, we hope our list of bars and restaurants with live entertainment in Lviv will come handy.
Photo source:, Hrushevsky Cinema Jazz Facebook Page

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