Mussel Bar Kotelok in Odesa

Mussel Bar Kotelok in Odesa

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Photo: Kotelok Facebook Page
This might just be the most stylish place to go for Moules Frites (fried mussels) in Odesa. Recently named as the best city cafe by SALT National Restaurant Awards, Kotelok is a new Odesa restaurant that will awe its visitors with delicious Black Sea region cuisine.

Kleydesign Kiev studio headed by Yova Yager were developing the interior design. They, in their turn, invited for collaboration Alexandr Martynyuk, architect from Odessa, as well as fashion designer and great artist Masha Reva, who created the drawing for a stained-glass ceiling.
80-square meter area can seat 48 people and it has a big bar counter combined with open kitchen. Interior design was inspired by “The Darjeeling Limited” Wes Anderson’s film. The rhythm of the film, its cast, impeccable shots and decorations – they all occupied their proper places in the restaurant’s interior.
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Moules frites or simply fried mussels is a national dish in Belgium, and even though you might find picking the mussel meat out of their shells a tiny bit disgusting at first, let me assure you that it is well worth a try. Kotelok offers different sauces that go perfectly well with moules frites, ranging from the classics (“nature”, “Provencal” or with white wine, for example) to the exotic, including a number of beer-based sauces.

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This is one of the best places in the city to get traditional Odesa cuisine without at the same time getting busloads of tourists. Still, this is a well-known, well-liked and thus well-visited place, so getting a table at the lunchtime might be quite challenging. Relaxed atmosphere, great food on the menu and the proximity to Odesa city center makes Kotelok ultimate dining spot for a nice evening in town.
Photo source: Kotelok Facebook Page

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