New 2016 Restaurants in Odesa

New 2016 Restaurants in Odesa

Odesa is a home for multicultural and multinational crowd. The gastro scene in Odesa is booming. With numerous restaurants opening each season, the selection of options for eating out is impressive. «Destinations» rounded up interesting new places that opened its doors to eager foodies in 2016.

R1 Restaurant

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This is a new seafood bar in Odesa, which combines authentic Mediterranean and Middle East cuisines. R1 Restaurant is located on the ground floor of M1 Club Hotel.
Seafood fans will love this place. The prices are rather high comparing to the other Odesa restaurants.
Currently R1 is considered to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Odesa. Its exclusive menu includes Mediterranean and Black Sea cuisine, which delivers the highest taste and aesthetic pleasure. The seafood, original ideas from the chef and desserts deserve special attention. Skilled cooks, fresh south wind, the excellent service and easy atmosphere give a taste of life and sense of celebration.
The first thing that catches the eye in R1 is its contrasting and grunge design with leather furniture, concrete, wood and metal elements. This is a very atmospheric place with beautiful views of the sea. Especially if you sit on the open summer terrace.
Address: 1, Lidersovsky Boulevard, Lanzheron Beach, Odesa.
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Vamos a Cubanos

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This is a cozy diner with hot Latin flavors even in its name. Cubanos is a modern eatery in Odesa with light interior and hip atmosphere. The menu is pretty vast. Here guests can try various salads, soups, sandwiches, hot meals and desserts. Latin American cuisine is represented by tacos, hot sauce sandwiches, and BBQ chicken wings. All dishes are served with a big basket of different sauces.
Address, 12, Bunina street, Odesa


Kazan is a home-meals restaurant recently opened in the heart of Odesa. It might look a bit plain and the menu might seem like a bit simple as well, however, Kazan is a place to enjoy simple home food cooked with love and passion. The menu includes classic Odesa cuisine dishes such as fried Black Sea fish, Holubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls), as well as European-style sandwiches, salads, stakes and drinks.
Address: 52, Preobrazhenska street, Odesa.

Salotto 3/4

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Salotto is a new Italian restaurant opened at «Athena» shopping mall. Here guests can enjoy all-time Italian classics: pizza, pasta, fish, meats and signature bruschetta.
All the dishes are passionately made from ingredients of high quality; the dishes are indeed a treat to your taste buds. There’s a changing mix of classics and lesser-spotted varieties of Italian pasta. The menu offers various dishes from rustic plates of pasta to finely crafted regional specialties and signature sources and stuffings.
Address: 3/2. Greek Square, Odesa

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Odesa food-and-drink scene brings new trendy places to drink and dine every season. Our web rounded up some new restaurants and diners of 2016.

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