New Barbecue Culture in 'Starokievsky' Restaurant

New Barbecue Culture in 'Starokievsky' Restaurant
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Photo Anna Vishtak
'Starokievsky' restaurant of Radisson Blu Hotel, Podil in Kyiv invites you to taste new menu, developed by its new chef Alina Nelepenko.

Here you can choose traditional Ukrainian dishes and gourmet meals with seafood and a unique grill menu. Such innovations in "Starokievsky" restaurant autumn menu were presented by a new but very experienced chef - Alina Nelepenko.
Alina has been working in Radisson Blu Hotels for some years. She launched the first restaurant service of international Radisson Blu hotels network in Ukraine. The last couple of years she was a chef in Radisson Blu Resort, Alushta 5 *Hotel.
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Her team, presented at press-lunch for journalists, helps her every day to realize creative ideas and to keep high standards of restaurant service. After that the guests of this presentation could choose any dishes from the menu and also visit the kitchen itself to see how the meals are cooked.
A feature of the new grill menu is that guests can make their own dish by choosing meat or seafood, a process for its preparation and a garnish for it with fresh, seasonal vegetables.
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Any guest of the restaurant can visit the kitchen if he\she wants. Alina has nothing to cover from guests. Processes of preparation brought to a perfect automatism, a nice mix of flavors, fresh herbs, salad dressings and all this professional fuss on the kitchen will impress anyone.
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Snacks presented by Alina at press-lunch were not only beautiful but also delicious. Guests tasted delicate salmon carpaccio served with avocado, arugula and lemon, and Caprese salad.
Quail grilled with roasted potatoes and olive salsa and gently Carpathian banosh are the pearls of Ukrainian cuisine represented in the restaurant.
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For the main course the guests could choose Steaks from beef, quail, baby squids and scallops, perfectly grilled. Selected dishes complemented with grilled vegetables and wine, which further revealed the taste of food.
At the end of the gastronomic dinner, guests enjoyed light sandthorn cream and the famous Red Velvet Cake cooked only with natural ingredients and colored with baked beet.
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The atmosphere and food in "Starokievsky" restaurant will make you come back here again and again.
Photos: Anna Vishtak

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