Noyabr Restaurant at Podil

Noyabr Restaurant at Podil

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Recently opened at Podil, Noyabr Restaurant («November» in Ukrainian) is a brain-child of a popular Ukrainian showman Iliya Noyabrov. Mr. Noyabrov has recently published a book «Kyiv Cuisine», which turned out to be an instant success; so the author decided to turn theory into reality in his new restaurant.

Noyabr restaurant heralds «Podil» gastronomical traditions and is dedicated to that special and atmospheric part of Kyiv. The restaurant in housed in a corner building on Petro Sagaydachnyy street which is famous for being one of the biggest and most frequented grocery store («gastronom») during Soviet era. This store was very popular among locals as even during austere Soviet period, when shops had practically empty shelves, this store offered a decent selection of goods, always fresh and of good quality.
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The restaurant offers most popular and beloved by locals dishes, dishes which taste Kyiv dwellers remember from their childhood, dishes which bring only warm and good memories. Guests can savor herring Vorschmack, green borsch, authentic Kyiv meat roast, stuffed fish and other. This will be the perfect dining destinations for those who want to learn genuine Kyiv culinary traditions of the last century.
Address: 41, Petro Sagaydachnyy, Kyiv.
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Image Source: Noyabr Facebook page. 

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