Pate D'oie Restaurant in Kyiv

Pate D'oie Restaurant in Kyiv

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Pate D'oie is a cozy European-style restaurant located in the business center of Kyiv. The menu is a rather conservative, nevertheless, with its noticeable elegance and French accents. Pleasant music, a comfortable interior and professional and friendly service make this place a great place both for a romantic dinner and for a business meeting.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the business capital. For two years that the restaurant had been in business, it managed to win the love not only of the employees of nearby offices, but also Pechersk area dwellers. This is a place for cozy family breakfasts, business meeting or a friendly chat with a glass of wine. Also this restaurant is super kids friendly. Pate D’oie does not host noisy parties, instead the restaurant gathers together local foodies for special dinners and wine tasting events.
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Compact space and an eco-decor of Pate D'oie (Pat Dua) make all the guests feel the comfort and home warmth. The basic color scheme focuses on beige and gray shades. The space is well-structured - several round tables with comfortable armchairs and soft sofas and a separate area for a business meeting or a date.

The menu of the restaurant was formed on the basis of the gastronomic impressions and numerous trips of Ekaterina, the owner of the place. Having traveled to the key culinary capitals of the world, she brought the best recipes to Kyiv.

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The menu features the finest European cuisine with French accents. The starters list features several types of tartars and carpaccio. Dessert menu deserves a separate mention. All the desserts are made in the restaurant by professional chef. Not only are all the desserts delicious, they are also incredibly beautifully served.

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As for the drinks the main emphasis is made on wine. The wine list features positions from the most popular wine regions, whether you prefer white, red or sparkling wine.
Address: 11/11 Gusovskyy Street, Kyiv.
Image source: Pate D'oie Facebook page. 

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