Pho Vietnamese Food Spot in Kyiv

Pho Vietnamese Food Spot in Kyiv
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Nowadays, lots of people prefer exotic Asian food of different kinds. While Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines are already well-known and loved by Western gourmands, Vietnamese food is still a dark horse for many of them. The fans of Asian cuisine and those who just wish to try something new are welcome to Pho, a recently opened Vietnamese food spot in Kyiv.

Pho street café is located in Pechersk district in the very heart of Kyiv city. It is a young street food project specialized in traditional Vietnamese food. Typical Vietnamese dishes are cooked with fish sauce, soy sauce, rice, fresh green vegetables, fruits and herbs. The most popular meat used for Vietnamese meals is pork, chicken, beef, shrimps and other seafood. Pho menu is not very big, but each dish is worth of a special attention. The café offers two traditional Vietnamese soups with noodles: Pho Bo with beef and Pho Ga with chicken. The owners of Pho promise to add vegetarian vegetable soup to their menu as soon as possible. The guests are offered three delicious salads: salad with long pickled beef, chicken salad and vegetable salad with self-cooked tofu cheese. The salads are served with herbs (Vietnamese coriander, perilla, Rau Muong and caraway) and peanuts. The clients can choose one of two sauces: fish sauce or soy sauce. Pho cooks are also working on the new sauce made of beans and peanuts, so guests will have a chance to try it in the nearest future.
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The menu also includes tasty spring rolls and nems. Nems and spring rolls are traditional Vietnamese pancakes made of rice paper with various fillings. Spring roll is a raw dish, usually served with different sauces, and nem is its fried variant. Pho offers spring rolls with meat and with tofu cheese as well as three types of nems: vegan nem with tofu, nem Lem with pork and chicken nem.
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As for drinks, guests can order ginger ale, bitter lemon drink, soda water, coffee with ice and condensed milk or Vietnamese coffee.
The owners of the café purchase green vegetables for Pho dishes from Vietnamese families, which grow them for themselves. Rice paper, noodles, spices and ingredients of sauces are bought in specialized Kyiv shops owned by Vietnamese people.
All dishes in the café are usually served “to go”, but there is also an opportunity to eat right at the food spot, which is equipped with a small table and four chairs.
Discover exotic taste of Vietnamese meals for reasonable prices at Pho Vietnamese café in Kyiv.
Address: 12, Lesi Ukrayinki street
Photo source: Pho.Kiev Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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