It might seem that Lviv is mostly adult-oriented as a large touristic city of Western Ukraine: the number of pubs and bars is growing almost monthly. However, there are still restaurants that don’t forget about the little visitors — they provide a respective range of meals and, of course, memorable entertainment.

Many fine dining spots and chefs from Ukraine have been renowned in local and international competitions. This year is not an exception — prestigious Wine Spectator magazine has released the list of World Best Restaurant Award 2018 winners, which includes more than 15 Ukrainian restaurants in four cities.

A lesser-known ice cream that has many ardent fans is tucked away from the downtown hubbub in Lavina Mall. Gelarty ice cream studio isn't merely a shop but a spot with a history and long-lasting culinary traditions brought to Kyiv by an Italian chef Massimo Gelarty. The fine dining spot allows looking at the classic dessert from a new angle making it possible to add an ice cream to a pizza or match it with burgers.

Often tourists and even city dwellers overlook local cuisine in favor of more exotic restaurants that are abundant in Kyiv. However, not many people know that Ukrainian cuisine is much more than just borsch and varenyky. We gathered top restaurants in Kyiv that introduce the full spectrum of Ukrainian dishes from the traditional Carpathian cheese to delicious Odesa seafood.

One more Turkish restaurant has appeared in the center of Kyiv — just like in the traditional fine dining spots, guests are warmly welcomed to enjoy the lively vibe, delicious spicy meals, hookah and live Turkish music.

Summer 2018 is celebrated with more restaurants and bars that open its doors for tired souls of the capital: delicious Italian cuisine, fresh seafood, Tarantino-themed cocktails and Aperol for UAH 28 are merely several options of what’s hot right now.

On Thursday 21st June The Ukrainian Connoisseurs Club visited the relatively new Ukrainian cuisine restaurant called Sho with nearly 30 of its members and journalists. However, this was going to be a double event because not only was TUCC there to 'test' the restaurant but also to celebrate the birthday of TUCC's Sommelier Natalie.

As usual, summer in Ukraine promises long periods of intense heat that often cause appetite loss even in the healthiest people. That’s why many diet specialists claim that switching for a lighter diet, full of greens and refreshments is an optimal option for summer. Contrary to the popular belief, healthy food and vegetarian dishes aren’t bland or boring — and various Kyiv cafes are ready to prove it right.

It’s no news that the way food looks is just as important and enjoyable as the taste itself. Throw in dining in a carefully created atmosphere and a simple meal becomes a memorable event in busy day-to-day life. Modern restaurant and café owners understand it well: Kyiv’s downtown is filled with fine dining spots with exquisite interior and delicious food. We chose top 10 spots for a perfect Instagram picture to share with friends.

The spring of 2018 has been quite bountiful with new café and restaurant openings: locals wait in queues to get into Bilyi Nalyv on Khreshchatyk, visit various Pan-Asian spots like 17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen and patiently wait for the newcomers of the market. This summer is a great chance to chat with expats in a new English-speaking café on Zoloti Vorota, taste oysters with wine and much more.

It’s only fair to take advantage of an easy access to the Dnipro River — various restaurants and cafes open summer terraces where guests can feel a fresh breeze and even enjoy fresh fish caught that very day. Luckily, Dnipro isn’t the only water Kyiv can offer, that’s why various lakes and rivers, often hidden from the public eye, present a chance to chill out and enjoy delicious meals among nature.

The rise of vegetarian cuisine hasn't omitted Ukraine: each month renowned restaurants add meat-free positions on the menu appear as well as new spots that offer vegan food open even more frequently. One of the Kyiv pioneers, Orang+Utan bar, has gained massive popularity for its unusual menu and interior, noted by the German creative agency Gestalten.

Pan-Asian cuisine representation in Ukraine is growing strong: a Vietnamese NĂM by Hector Bravo, Indonesian Social Kitchen on the Olympiiska metro station, and Balu cafe with Indian cuisine are just a few recent examples of the ongoing trend. The new may spot called Mai Satai concentrates on two dishes — Indonesian satai and Japanese ramen. Surely, there’s much more to discover.

Whether you seek unusual culinary delights, bizarre atmosphere or unique interior, Lviv has an array of fine dining spots for every occasion. Locals and tourists enjoy theatrical cafes of the city like Meat and Justice or Masoch and drop by for a cup of delicious Lviv coffee in a House of Legends. We gathered the classic spots and hot newcomers in our top 10.

Summer is promptly approaching and various pop-up ice cream stalls flood the whole city. Apart from the street and to-go options, there are tested cafés that serve the best natural ice cream with unusual flavors from classic pistachio to the popular lately salted caramel. Often such spots aren’t too obvious and catchy, so it’s high time to fix the situation.

Almost every second fine dining spot in Kyiv offers a summer terrace, often placed on the busy walking street or a large road. Luckily, it’s not the only option to enjoy the meal outside — some restaurants and cafes decided to abandon large street terraces in favor of cozy inner yards that are a real treasure to those who seek.

A new Indian cafe with authentic cuisine and delicious cocktails has recently opened its doors in the very heart of historical Kyiv. The dining spot, officially opened on May 12, is owned by 25-year old Yashvi Tripathi, who is already well-known for his Himalayas restaurant. Let`s check out what wonders of mysterious India we can experience in Balu cafe.

When it comes to the culinary scene of Lviv, the heart of Western Ukraine is mostly known for its prime coffee brewing and delicious sweet strudels. However, there’s much more to explore in the broad traditions of Galician cuisine. We picked 10 best restaurants in Lviv for new gastronomical discoveries and unforgettable atmosphere.

The new addition of downtown Kyiv culinary map, Trishky Bilshe (“A Little More”) café offers exactly what it says in the title — fresh food, friendly atmosphere and a bit more to exceed the guests’ expectations.

Those seeking for a pint of beer and a quiet corner have a wide variety of choices in Kyiv: apart from the well-known ones, new restaurants and bars appear each month. Surely, none of them could ever compare with pubs – the ultimate place carrying the vibe that asks to stay for a while. See which pubs in Kyiv would welcome you in times of need.

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