Freelancers and those who work from home often face the too familiar ordeal: an apartment is simply too distracting to work at. The feeling is so universal that Kyiv alone has more than 10 coworking spaces, created specifically so that nothing distracts from the day’s goals. However, cafes and restaurants known for their peace and quietness serve the same purpose just fine.

Got bored of regular coffee shops? Here we have something that will surely revive your interest! Recently opened thematic Sex.Ed.Coffee café in Kyiv invites guests not just to have a cup of good coffee with delicious desserts, but also to experience erotic art and to discuss spicy topics.

HayLoft is a conceptual restaurant and party space at the National Expocenter of Ukraine in Kyiv. This area is famous for the picturesque park and forest, so if you visit HayLoft Ukrainian BBQ, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by beauty. The restaurant is a great option for those who wish to enjoy an oasis of nature in the heart of the city, to taste juicy barbecue with refreshing cocktails and to smoke a good hookah.

Last month, Destinations met with the expat ladies who became mothers in Ukraine to talk about the myths and truths of giving birth in Ukraine. This time, we fast-forward a bit to bring the next hot topic of discussion: what are some of the finest kid-friendly dining spots in Kyiv? Five expat women who have kids of different ages answer the question and give their vision on how to improve the situation.

As usual, Kyiv spring is the time of foodie revival: multiple food festivals like Ulichnaya Eda or Kyiv Food and Wine Festival lure in hundreds of locals. Sure enough, the fine dining spots keep up with the latest trends: this month we greet new spots with the Israeli, Indian, and Georgian cuisine, street food, and coffee.

Kyiv’s central street is rich on the new openings: the already famous Bilyi Nalyv Cider House with a regular queue no matter the time, and now a new chill-out spot — Tayger Pizza Bar. The so-called loft pizzeria might be familiar to those who’ve visited the chain’s Shuliavska spot, but even for first-timers, Tayger got interesting things up its sleeve: special pizzas, cocktails, and a lounge zone overlooking Khreshchatyk.

Last winter Kyiv welcomed one more restaurant with a panoramic view of the Dnipro River — Guramma Italiana. The fine dining spot is already called the most authentic Italian place in the city, which offers 5 types of pasta, a real pizza from the oven and much more from the chef Roberto D’Ottavio, who has worked in two Michelin-starred restaurants.

The authentic Odesa charm consists of many components: fresh sea breeze, sophisticated architecture, small yards and, of course, cozy cafes and restaurants to spend a nice evening enjoying a perfectly cooked dinner. The list of Odesa dining spots is updated every season, always surprising locals and guests of the city with new unique concepts and variety of delicacies. Let`s see which freshly opened restaurants of Odesa are worth paying a visit this spring.

Coffee shops truly pop up in Kyiv like flowers this spring. First Blur Coffee on the Klovska metro station, then Coffee Shot 61 on Lukianivska, and finally the new spot on Besarabka in the heart of the city. 16.Coffee Place is located in a cozy corner away from the general hubbub, offering various types of roast, cold brew and delicious desserts.

One more spicy addition to Podil venues appeared this April and became a thing of legends despite currently working in a test mode. The main reason is, perhaps, the timely and sarcastic nature of the Za#balo bar, where even the title is a concealed swear word. Moreover, 20+ cocktails and a bartender that will listen to you venting about hardships are hard to pass by. Let’s check it all out.

Merhaba! It’s high time to indulge in the real spring weather with its heat and dreamy thoughts about vacation. Sometimes no matter what the thermometer shows, we still are starved for the pleasant climate after the prolonged winter. While taking a week off might not be an option for many, visiting fine dining spots with the right atmosphere may be a good solution. Destinations gathered a guide of the best Turkish restaurants in Kyiv’s downtown to enjoy the atmosphere and, of course, delights.

Long-awaited spring is in the air, trees and flowers are in blossom, and Kyiv gastronomic scene is also blooming with newly-opened dining spots for any taste and budget. Let`s find out which new cafes and restaurants in Ukrainian capital are worth paying a visit in spring 2018.

Mechnykova Street that lies near the Klovska metro station popped up in the news quite a few times this April: from the newly-opened coffee shop Blur Coffee to the new Ukrainian restaurant SHO, now located in the premises of the former Poliana wine shop. According to the owners, SHO is “the biggest restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in the country”. Let’s see what it has in store.

Cats Café Bar was opened in autumn 2017 right in the heart of Kyiv city on Zlatoustivska street. This place is a great choice for everyone who enjoys the atmosphere of the famous “Cats” musical, the smell of fresh coffee and the taste of delicious croissants as well as other appetizing dishes. Let`s consider this new interesting spot in more detail.

On April 10, a new intriguing coffee shop was opened not far from the Klovska metro station in Kyiv downtown. The new spot on the café map of the city is aimed at popularizing coffee culture — and large portions of food. Here you won’t be served your usual Americano. Let’s check out what you can find instead.

This April one more Pan-Asian restaurant has joined Kyiv’s venues — this time, a Vietnamese cuisine spot NĂM founded by the famous Chef Hector Jimenez-Bravo. Dwellers of the capital have already cherished his Chinese cuisine spot BAO, and now the occasion calls to discover something new. Let’s check it out.

The long-lasting trend of Pan-Asian cuisine stays strong in the capital of Ukraine. During the recent years, dozens of spots with Chinese, Vietnamese and Fusion cuisine appeared on both banks of the city. In 2018 there are no signs of the trend’s dying down – on the contrary, the new Indonesian cuisine restaurant will open its doors for visitors in April. The restaurant with the unique name hasn’t opened yet but intrigues many locals. Let’s find out why.

Recently, a new coffee shop was opened in beautiful Vozdvizhenka district of Kyiv. We are talking about DeCoupaGe café – a place that impresses with authentic Italian hospitality and French coziness. Those who have tried unusual lavender coffee, sophisticated wines and delicious desserts in DeCoupaGe never lose a chance to visit this dining spot again.

Without a doubt, Kyiv has many worthy pizza spots: from popular chains like Celentano Pizza or Il Molino to more secluded places like Vezuvio. However, when it comes to seeking something more authentic, the search substantially narrows. There are several Kyiv venues that let you try pizza prepared in a wood oven. Let’s find out what those are.

The common thing in hectic workdays and lazy weekends is how easily both can be improved with a good start. The beginning of the day was proved to be crucial for setting the mood, and it’s no surprise – after all, being irritated right after you open your eyes isn’t beneficial for anyone. A nice way to make the morning better is to take a few minutes to relax in a calm atmosphere before engaging in business. That’s why Destinations picked the best locations for coffee and croissant in Kyiv’s downtown.

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