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«Food for Day» for kids is the kind of meal you would make for your children if you had endless time during the day - the luxury, mothers living in a megapolis nowadays cannot always afford.

Going to family friendly restaurants in Kiev doesn't have to mean sacrificing on grown-up style. Many central and neighborhood restaurants know how to cater to the whole family needs. «Destinations» rounded up restaurants, cafés and fun places to feed the kids.

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Breakfast in Odessa is a happy affair at these bright and breezy restaurants and cafés on the Black Sea shore. Make the most important meal of the day the best one at these Odessa top-notch restaurants, serving hearty breakfasts.

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Odessa is a dynamic, energetic and somewhat decadent metropolis located on the coast of the Black Sea. Odessa is an ultimate Ukrainian destination for holidaymakers and regular party crowd with its sandy beaches, warm climate and dozens of beachside nightclubs. «Destinations» rounded up best new bars and restaurants to visit in Odessa this fall.

Morning begins with coffee. This is the main rule for a lot of people. To drink a cup of this hot and delicious drink is not a problem in the capital of our country. The one can find many places with best coffee in Kiev. Visitors may not only order a ready beverage but also buy ground coffee or beans for personal use or as a gift (good idea, isn’t it?).

Ethnic Ukrainian food is well-known all over the world for its tasty dishes which can conquer every foreigner. If the one is going to spend a couple of days in our capital, he or she should visit restaurants of local Ukrainian cuisine in Kiev.

The Street Food Festival has become a real highlight among Lviv’s busy event calendar. Devour delicious street food, enjoy music from hippest Ukrainian bands and DJs, play in the sunshine with friends and family: The Street Food Festival in Lviv is meant to satisfy all of your last warm days outdoor cravings.

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«Mama ya doma» (Mom, I am home) restaurant creates more than just a dining room away from home. The restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. Here food takes the spotlight as guests become its audience. Music, lighting, artwork and spacing combined at «Mama ya doma» create comfort, intimacy and even romance.

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Dima Borisov’s love for gourmet food and interesting experiments inspired him to create the Gastrofamily network of restaurants located in the biggest Ukrainian cities as well as abroad. Each of the restaurants has an original concept and specialized cuisine. 

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Alchemist Bar in Kiev is a funny little place. It’s a mixture of a neighborhood bar, a restaurant and a concert hall. It is believed that Alchemist serves the best drinks and cocktails in the city.

Last week Kiev gourmets had a chance to enjoy a delicious dinner in the atmospheric Black Market Restaurant, adjacent to the Parus business center.

Svit Kavy, which name is translated as ‘The World of Coffee’, is exactly what it declares: a great place to have coffee. Legendary Lviv cafe Svit Kavy opens its first coffee shop in Kiev.

In décor and cooking CHI restaurant in Kiev is not just one of a kind but utterly wonderful. It has its own point of view not only in terms of standard Chinese and Indian cuisine dishes but on western food traditions as well.

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While Kiev’s jazz scene isn’t yet on a par with other European cities, it does offer a growing selection of venues to get your soulful fix. If you're looking for a romantic place with fancy food and thoughtful entertainment in Kiev, ‘Panorama: Jazz, Wine and Cigars’ is your spot.

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Today the preparation of sandwiches has become a real art. Having considerable experience, ideological inspirer and owner of the famous ‘Honey’ confectionery in Podil district of Kiev, has opened another snack bar called ’Bruter’, devoted to sandwiches exclusively.

Explore flavors of Jewish cuisine at «Golden Rose» - unique Jewish restaurant in Lviv. This restaurant in located in the former Jewish quarter of Lviv in the heart of the city, just next door to the Golden Rose synagogue, hence the name of the restaurant.

Lviv seems to be lagging behind worldwide Asian food hype. There are not many places to enjoy a traditional Asian cuisine dinner. The Chinese fast-food places list is pretty short as well. «Destinations» tries to narrow down top places to have Asian food in Lviv.

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One Love Coffee is located on the sixth floor of Pinchuk art Center in Kiev. This is a perfect place to meet your friends for a chat as well as to have a business meeting.

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‘Ulichnaya Eda’ (Street Food) once again invites you to visit Platforma Art-Zavod to enjoy summer weekend of August 12-14, 2016 and to celebrate festival’s birthday! And what birthday can be without presents? ‘Ulichnaya Eda’ offers prizes and refreshments in honor of the tastiest festival!

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New modern cinema ’Planeta Kino’ (Planet of Cinema) with fashionable 4DX technology has recently opened in Kiev. Apart from modern halls with comfortable chairs, new technologies and food zone, organized as a supermarket, it has also unique in Ukraine cinema-restaurant Re’Lux!

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