‘Beware of people who don’t like cats’, says the Irish proverb. Well, if you think it makes sense then you should visit the next places in Kiev not only for cozy atmosphere, delicious meals and amazing coffee, but also because they truly adore cats.

The fans of Italian cuisine and fine wine must check out a new place in Kiev. Dinner in Vino e Cucina is a real voyage to Italy... it just takes less time.

Mille Miglia Ristorante & Enoteca will create a truly romantic mood for you and your Valentine with its aphrodisiac menu from Chef Fabrizio Righetti.

This cozy restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings of Lviv at Serbska street. This elegant place has a special charm: French Provence mood enchants from the first glance at the exterior. The restaurant has got the reward as one of the Best Restaurants of 2015.

HAPPY FRIDAY is a truly Italian pre-party format and it is finally back to one of italian restaurants in Kiev. 

Famous Kyiv restaurateurs advise nice places in the city with great cuisine, special atmosphere and tony design. According to Valery Poliakov, founder of Restaurateurs Club, gastro-blogger and author of Food Education project, Café Charlotte is one of such places.

Praha (Prague) restaurant is located 10-minute drive far from the center of Kyiv. While entering the restaurant you get into nice green area with the picturesque lake.

Piccolino Restaurant is located almost in the center of Kiev and can be called as one of the most intimate and cozy places with Italian cuisine. 

“Kryva Lypa” (Curve Linden) cooking studio is located on the street with the same name in Lviv. Its founder and brand chef moved from Kyiv to Lviv in 2009.

According to food experts this true Italian restaurant with traditional cuisine is one of the best places in Kyiv.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of Odessa you must visit its New Stock Exchange building in Venetian Gothic style. It is located in the historical part of the city and is one of the most beautiful in Europe! Odessa Philharmonic and Bernardazzi restaurant, named after the architect of this building, are located here.

This premium restaurant specializes in cooking of various types of meat and offers an impressive wine list. An opportunity to taste meat of calf, pig, rabbit, turkey, ostrich and duck as well as to order the right wine for it is a special feature of the restaurant.

The Bodeguita bar in Kyiv is a kind of a place for a nice Friday night hangout, a place where you will enjoy Mohito and a nice chat with barman Jan who knows a lot of anecdotes.

This place seams the house where you would like to spend at least one weekend. The atmosphere is really unique in a home style. The name of the restaurant is translated like Moments.

Burgers became popular in Kyiv within the last 2 years. Today Kyiv offers really nice places with well-designed interior and tasty burgers.

According to Sol’ (sault) National restaurant award this place has got into “the top 5 meat restaurants” in 2015. This rodizio format steak house, unusual for Ukraine, is located in Pechersk central district of the city. Rodizio means "Eat all you want". 

Traditional pies are the most significant and the most popular goodies among those who live in Lviv, but now you can find them also in Kyiv.

There are not many kosher restaurants in Kyiv unfortunately, so you don’t have a big choice of where to go. We mention the most famous of these places. Most probably, the situation will change in the nearest future and new restaurants will appear in Kyiv.

KOYA combines Asian cuisine with fundamentally new menu positions, classic bar and some experimental technology, ingredients and mixtures.

Amazing views, delicious cuisine and the best service is waiting for guests in these panoramic restaurants.

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