Photo: Museum of Cheese Official Facebook page
Ukrainian farmers established the Museum of Cheese in Kiev in order to spread local traditions of original cheese production.

Photo: Food Market Official Facebook page
Food Market is a new dining concept in Kiev with a constant location that serves street food, uniting all the best and most popular dishes of pop-up cuisine at one place.

The number of bars in the capital continues to grow like mushrooms after rain. Check out new trendy bars in Kiev to go out for a drink.

New Samogon Bar of Andrey Zadorozhniy pleases the guests with authentic cuisine recipes gathered from all over Ukraine. Delicious homemade brandy and cozy atmosphere make this place really special.

Ulichnaya Eda (Street Food) festival is the biggest and most crowded gastronomic event in Kiev. The following season’s opening will be held on April 16, 2016 at 11am and will last up to 11pm of the next day. Lots of restaurants’ stands as well as pop-up food trucks along with nice music are waiting for you at Platforma Art-Zavod.

Photo: Dima Borisov Official Facebook page
Dima Borisov’s love for gourmet food inspired him to create the Gastrofamily network of restaurants located in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Each of them has an original concept and specialized cuisine. The big opening of Bar Mushlya restaurant in Odessa is taking place on April 8, 2016.

Photo: Call Me Cacao! Official Facebook page
Opened more than a year ago, mono-kiosk with real boiled cocoa drink, which has grown into a full Call Me Cacao! Café in Kiev, located in the romantic Podil district.

Photo: Nikka Bar Official Facebook page
Nikka Bar in Kyiv is an attempt to bring the Japanese drinking culture into the life of the Ukrainian capital. Simply talking, this is Kyiv with a taste of noble Japanese whiskey.

Kartata Potata culinary expedition, that will be held on April 7, 2016 at 7pm, will guide you through the gourmet world of eccentric tastes of oysters and fine wine to accomplish them.

Photo: Noodle vs Marketing Official Facebook page
Noodle vs Marketing is a new promising place to eat in Kiev. It serves ramen - Japanese noodles in broth. Evhen Mykhailenko, Former Revolution Grill Chef, developed a minimalistic menu that sticks to Japanese ramen shops style.





The gastronomic event of the year in Ukraine, the Osteria Francescana style dinner from the best Chef of Europe (Italy, Modena) Massimo Bottura, will take place on April 7, 2016 at Lypsky Osobnyak restaurant in Kiev.

Recently, a new member of Gastrofamily network has opened in Kiev. The new RONIN restaurant in Kiev has an original concept, as all of Dima Borisov’s restaurants, and a completely new cuisine style for Ukrainian capital – a mix of Peruvian and Japanese. Check it out!

Kyiv Resto Week


Kyiv Resto Week, taking place April 11-17, 2016 in Ukrainian capital, is a big event and a real fin food marathon for gourmets and those who are always seeking for new delicious experiences.

Times when petrol stations were just a place for a fast snack and a cup of low quality coffee went away. Now a lot of them are spots with good cuisine and places for real rest while your trip. Meiwei restaurant at OKKO petrol station is really worth visiting.

Dacha country restaurant in Odessa is almost two centuries of history of famous Odessa hospitality, real love to comfort, good time spending and delicious food.

From time to time, everyone has this lazy mood that tells you to stay at home in comfortable clothes in front of the TV, forget about cooking and just order some nice meals. Check out the finest food delivery services in Kiev.

Photo: !FEST Holding of Emotions
Lviv is famous not only for its astonishing architecture, romantic mood and unforgettable charm. The most interesting gastronomic places in Ukraine are located here. Check out the best concept restaurants in Lviv!

Trypillya country restaurant near Kiev is a good place to get out of the city, relax in a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort and enjoy nature.

Chumatskiy Shalyakh (Milky Way) country restaurant is one of the best places near Kiev to spend a good time, eat well and discover interesting facts about Ukrainian culture.

There are already couple of restaurants in Kiev that offer rich wine card to complement their sophisticated meals. However, a fine dinner is not the only occasion to treat yourself with a glass of a tasty wine. A new trend for wine bars in Kiev offers a large variety of places to enjoy a nice evening with a glass of wine.

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