The gastronomic event of the year in Ukraine, the Osteria Francescana style dinner from the best Chef of Europe (Italy, Modena) Massimo Bottura, will take place on April 7, 2016 at Lypsky Osobnyak restaurant in Kiev.

Recently, a new member of Gastrofamily network has opened in Kiev. The new RONIN restaurant in Kiev has an original concept, as all of Dima Borisov’s restaurants, and a completely new cuisine style for Ukrainian capital – a mix of Peruvian and Japanese. Check it out!

Kyiv Resto Week


Kyiv Resto Week, taking place April 11-17, 2016 in Ukrainian capital, is a big event and a real fin food marathon for gourmets and those who are always seeking for new delicious experiences.

Times when petrol stations were just a place for a fast snack and a cup of low quality coffee went away. Now a lot of them are spots with good cuisine and places for real rest while your trip. Meiwei restaurant at OKKO petrol station is really worth visiting.

Dacha country restaurant in Odessa is almost two centuries of history of famous Odessa hospitality, real love to comfort, good time spending and delicious food.

From time to time, everyone has this lazy mood that tells you to stay at home in comfortable clothes in front of the TV, forget about cooking and just order some nice meals. Check out the finest food delivery services in Kiev.

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Lviv is famous not only for its astonishing architecture, romantic mood and unforgettable charm. The most interesting gastronomic places in Ukraine are located here. Check out the best concept restaurants in Lviv!

Trypillya country restaurant near Kiev is a good place to get out of the city, relax in a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort and enjoy nature.

Chumatskiy Shalyakh (Milky Way) country restaurant is one of the best places near Kiev to spend a good time, eat well and discover interesting facts about Ukrainian culture.

There are already couple of restaurants in Kiev that offer rich wine card to complement their sophisticated meals. However, a fine dinner is not the only occasion to treat yourself with a glass of a tasty wine. A new trend for wine bars in Kiev offers a large variety of places to enjoy a nice evening with a glass of wine.

“Pasternak” small status restaurant was opened not so long ago at Novopecherski Lipky area. The restaurant is focused on meat food. This place is worth visiting!

At Holosiyivsky district a new coffee shop has been opened, where you can rest, drink coffee while your bike is being adjusted and prepared for the next ride. Ride&Coffee shop operates at "Veloplaneta" store.

Dima Borisov’s love for gourmet food inspired him to create the Gastrofamily network of restaurants located in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Each of them has an original concept and specialized cuisine. Unforgettable taste of the sea and a bit of love in each dish waits for you at RybaLOVE restaurant in Kiev!

Each of Dima Borisov’s Gastrofamily restaurants has an original concept and Barsuk restaurant in Kiev is not an exception. However, its gem is hidden not under the cover of exotic products and high cuisine, but in owner’s special attitude towards cooking. Unforgettable gastronomic experience is guaranteed for those who appreciate taste of food and love home-style cuisine!

Those who love to sleep a lot and enjoy the American approach to breakfast should definitely try out the Zheltok Diner in Kiev where big breakfast portions are served all day long and filter coffee is poured in huge mugs.

Each one of Dima Borisov’s Gastrofamily restaurants has an original concept, specialized cuisine and its own fulfilling vibe. Unforgettable experience is guaranteed for those who enjoy spicing things up and rock their lives at GastroRock gourmet pub in Kiev!

It is impossible to imagine Ukraine’s gastronomic map without Dima Borisov’s Gastrofamily restaurants located in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Each of them has an original concept and specialized cuisine. Unforgettable experience is guaranteed for those who are not afraid to mix things up at Oxota NA Ovets restaurant in Kiev!

At the end of January 2016 this new place opened its doors for visitors. Dasha Malakhova, famous TV hostess and actress, is the creative author and brand-chef of "Kartata Potata".

Loved all across the country restaurant chain ‘Kompot’ originating from Odessa has recently moved to the capital. Finally, Kiev residents do not need the make the whole way to the ‘Southern capital’ to enjoy famous Odessa cuisine from ‘Kompot’.

Bar culture in Kiev is growing. Therefore opening a new bar is a challenge. Not only new cocktails but interesting designs are needed in order to impress customers. "Red Doors" bar at Moscovska street perfectly completes the task.

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