The Drinkery concept bar was opened only in mid-January but it had already found its place in the hearts of Kyiv dwellers — location in downtown, relaxed atmosphere and nice prices easily make it a perfect place to chill out with friends. Let's see what makes The Drinkery a unique bar among the others.

Asian food trend has merged with the take-away and delivery services long before it came to Ukraine. Before the first sushi-bars and Chinese restaurants had been opened, locals watched the tradition from the countless foreign movies. Nowadays, dwellers of Kyiv also can say "U up for Chinese?" to their friend and have delicious noodles delivered to their home. One of the places that makes it happen is Wokupp Bar, which opened a new spot near Lukianivska metro station.

As a part of Agro project, Destinations chose top-3 Kyiv's best gourmet restaurants which use only farm produce.

Would you like to dive into mysterious ambience of the XIX century while enjoying delicious dishes and drinks? Now you have a chance to do it right in the historical heart of Kyiv. Recently opened Tartoria café gallery on the famous Andriivsky Descent invites everyone to go for a trip back in time, to try culinary masterpieces and even to buy some beautiful artworks.

Winter 2017-2018 marked the opening of Bo. Pastry — an exquisite coffee shop located in the heart of Kyiv and owned by the famous Chef Hector Jimenez-Bravo. In so much as several days after the opening, the place was already swarming with guests, and it stays so up to date. Whether it's a unique menu with pastries you won't find anywhere else, convenient location or a bit of magic, Bo. Pastry certainly left an impression in hearts of Kyiv's sweet tooth. Let's check it out!

Only two months in 2018, and Ukrainian capital already brims with new coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and street-food spots on both sides of the city. While old and reliable spots won't go anywhere, it might be good to try something yet unseen. Destinations caught up with the latest openings and made a small guide on the new fine dining spots in Kyiv.

How do you imagine a perfect appetizing dinner? Would you like to taste tender pieces of fried fish fillet, or maybe you enjoy shrimps in garlic sauce, or have desire for delicious oysters with good wine? If such options sound attractive for you, just take a look at the list of restaurants with affordable fish and seafood in Kyiv.

As one of the busiest districts in Kyiv, Podil is full of dining spots and bars for everyone to enjoy the meals or drinks at any time of the day. Till the recent time, Podil has been notoriously known for its 'fast food alley' — variety of spots with burgers, vegetarian good and falafel located near Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station. Since their removal, locals have turned their eyes to the ones that stayed. Let's see the top-5 places of fast-food at Podil.

Tourist mecca in Western Ukraine opens many doors for the locals and visitors, including ones of the new authentic restaurants. Hidden away in the winding streets or proudly occupying centuries-old historical buildings, all of them are joined in a simple mission – deliver with fresh and tasty food. Check out the new Lviv restaurants for this winter.

Gastronomic world of Odesa never stop evolving, surprising city dwellers and guests with the new bright and authentic restaurants every season. 2017-2018 winter is not an exception. This time, Odesa offers something special for everyone – from sophisticated lovers of Asian delicacies to big happy families with kids who seek for burgers and milk shakes. Check out freshly-opened restaurants in Odesa that welcome you to enjoy new culinary delights and great atmosphere.

For those who live according to the principle of "business with pleasure", the new restaurant format that combines an art gallery and a bar may be just the right place to spend the evening at. Accompanied by contemporary jazz and the best DJ sets in the nighttime, It's Not The Louvre in Kyiv indeed doesn't look like it's French namesake, but it just as intriguing. Let's check it out.

If you or your friends keep to kosher diet, or are just interested in different cuisines of the world and wish to try something new, you should definitely consider visiting one of the kosher restaurants in Kyiv. For those who want to know where to eat kosher food in Kyiv, we offer the list of good restaurants where guests enjoy traditional Jewish meals and relaxing atmosphere.

Golden Gate district welcomes a new and already popular beer spot – Tsypa Taphouse. This bar, hidden away in the quiet alley, tempts its visitors with one of the best craft beers in Ukraine. Namesake of the bar, Tsypa brewery originally located in Zakarpattia, is the main caterer. Let's find out what's so special about it!

In the fast-food era, finding a healthy place to eat at proves to be a quest and lottery combined. Moreover, not every restaurant is willing to share the product's origins or think through the calorie value of the dishes. Luckily, newly-opened Bee Garden is a complete opposite: the cafe supports balanced ration, local manufacturers and craft products. Let's find out what else it got up its sleeve!

Welcome to the little Holland in the very heart of Kyiv! Those who wish to feel relaxing mood and free spirit of the Netherlandish capital will surely enjoy this cozy dining spot, located not far from the “Palace Ukraina” subway station. Conceptual interior design with many symbols of the bright European city and traditional Amsterdam dishes slightly adapted for Ukrainian taste will steal your heart right away.

It is no secret that dull and grey winter often urges us to indulge in the comfort food. While some choose pizza or wok, others try all imaginable sweets and cakes to make the short daytime a little more bearable. Great news for those who lust over the pictures of great milkshakes and doughnuts in Instagram – Blimey Café in Kyiv opened their doors to the fans of the well-known American deliciousness.

Those seeking for a pint of beer and a quiet corner have a wide variety of choices in Kyiv: apart from the well-known ones, new restaurants and bars appear each month. Surely, none of them could ever compare with pubs – the ultimate place carrying the vibe that asks to stay for a while. See which pubs in Kyiv would welcome you in times of need.

This winter new food spots pop up in Kyiv faster than most can notice. Coffee shops, vegetarian cafes, restaurants and bars…it's hard to keep up sometimes, especially with the amount of information that is dropped on our heads everyday on Facebook feed. Destinations gathered a chart of new cafes that opened in Kyiv this winter – let's check it out.

Fandom Coffee Bar has already acquired popularity among the public, which highly appreciates beauty, comfort and delightful European cuisine. It is a good place for a cup of coffee and lunch to fill up for the rest of your day. In the evening, Fandom welcomes lone visitors, as well as big companies to taste the bar's special cocktails.

Early morning is the best time to capture the real vibe of the city you go to or live in. Still streets and quiet roads waking up, filled with hurried passers-by, the ringing of phones and cars honking, that one morning coffee you've promised to cut on for the past few years – there's an inexplicable charm in the mornings we tend to miss out. Lviv is the city where it could be truly felt with each fiber of the soul. While coffee is a good way to start the day, let's not forget about breakfast, and see where you can have it served best.

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