Outside the country, Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. As for the traditional Belgian dishes, it is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food. Antwerpen, traditional Belgian restaurant in Kyiv, invites to discover all the secrets of this less known European cuisine.

«Mne By Myasa» («I’d like some meat» in Ukrainian) steakhouse is located on the territory of the "Platinum Plaza» shopping and office center in Kharkiv. The menu features European cuisine. The restaurant specializes in meat steaks of different levels of roasting. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Nestled in a secluded courtyard of the medieval complex of the former Bernardine Monastery, which is now known as St. Andrew’s Church, The First Lviv Grill Restaurant Of Meat And Justice is one of the most popular meat restaurants in Lviv. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Located in a busy Arcadia area in Odesa, Brothers Grill Restaurant features authentic interior with a nice terrace and friendly service. This steakhouse is about two things: crazy good beef and crazy good wine. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Gra z Vognem (Game with Fire) is a restaurant of new Ukrainian cuisine from high-quality local products. The restaurant confirms: modern Ukrainian cuisine has deep traditions and is incredibly delicious; it is an ideal combination of the best local products, endless imagination and gastronomic experiments.

TUCC guests visited Kureni restaurant to taste and appreciate the traditional Ukrainian cuisine in modern interpretation supplemented by delicious beverages.

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With the arrival of fall the number of options for dining and wining in Lviv seems to double. The well-established and already popular among locals as well as numerous tourists restaurants come up with new seasonal menus and newly opened venues trying to awe a well spoiled Lviv crowd with new dishes and cocktails. We offer you the list of up-and-coming Lviv dining and wining spots to try out this fall.

Aeneas pop-up café is a project of Eneïda exhibition curators and Dmytro Borysov’s gastrofamily recently opened in the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The basis of its concept has two stages of senses.

Due to its diversified dishes and sophisticated taste, Turkish cuisine is considered to be among three most impressive cuisines of the world. It combines old traditions of Turkic culinary with Byzantine, Indian and Mediterranean gastronomical wonders. Turkish menu is especially notable for appetizing meat meals and extremely tasty sweets. Those who already admire Turkish food or just want to try something new are welcome to Turkish cuisine restaurants in Kyiv.

New street food joint has recently opened at Besarabsy Market. P. Pelmeni offers wide variety of «pelmeni» with various fillings and sauces, all freshly made, boiled and served.

If you can’t go to Odesa and savor its delicious and very authentic cuisine even only for a day, now it all can be arranged without leaving Kyiv. Newly opened «Prichal 47» (Pier 47) restaurant brings the legendary Black Sea dishes to the capital of Ukraine. Opened by true Odesa gourmands, this fish restaurant in Kyiv promises to awe even the most spoiled foodies with the best traditional south Ukrainian delicacies.

Any trip to Lviv would be incomplete without attending this iconic Restaurant-Kneipp. "Kryivka" (it means «the bunker» in Ukrainian) is the most visited restaurant in Europe (at least according to the information provided on the official web page) with over 1 000 000 visitors per year.  This place is dedicated and themed around Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA) who fought for the Ukrainian independence (with both Nazi Germany and Red Army) during WW2.

Looking for something sweet, but calorie-wise and healthy? Kyiv offers a lot of good places to keep fit, but sweet. Here are venues where you will find aesthetic enjoyment and excellent taste without any harm to your body.

We can’t honestly think of a better way to start the day in Kyiv than just relax, let it all hang out, have a sumptuous breakfast and prepare for what the day has to offer. «Destinations» gathered together Kyiv’s best restaurants and coffee shops, where it's breakfast time all the time; in other words, here is out top 5 locations in Kyiv, which offer delicious all day breakfast menu.

Aperol Spritz is undoubtedly the most widespread and commonly drunk aperitif in Italy: a traditional ice-breaker and symbol of a lively atmosphere. The love for Aperol Spritz in Kyiv can be easily compared to the way Italians treat this drink.  It's one of the most popular cocktails, served at the most fashionable restaurants in Kyiv and it’s a perfect summer drink. «Destinations» brings you the list of recommended bars and restaurants to have this fashionable Italian aperitif.

Restaurants are opening at a dizzying pace in Lviv.  We round up a number of places that have recently been opened in Lviv  and are not just great but also reasonably priced and offer warm and comfortable atmosphere for your ultimate summer dining experience. is a new Chinese noodles place in Kyiv, which offers fast delivery within city area. Guests can also pick up ordered food directly from the noodles kiosks, freshly cooked and nicely packed.

The obsession with fine ingredients that has gripped burger-makers in New York and London for the last few years has caught on in the Ukrainian capital too. The best burger restaurants in the capital of Ukraine serve everything from veggie to thick burgers piled with creative ingredients. Find out where to get your teeth into one of the best burgers in Kyiv.

If you like your food and music together, Habana restaurant in Kyiv is totally worth checking out. This Cuban restaurant advertises live Latin Music and an array of events to brighten up your weekend evenings.

Kyiv foodies are always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to food, with only two real requirements: it must be something a little different, and it must taste amazing. Judging by the amount of various Vietnamese cuisine restaurants and street food spots that have popped up recently in the capital of Ukraine, we would put our money on Vietnamese food being the next thing to explore. Tin Tin Restaurant  at bicycle track is one of the most recent additions to the Vietnamese cuisine scene of Kyiv. 

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