Aeneas Café in National Art Museum of Ukraine

Aeneas Café in National Art Museum of Ukraine
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Aeneas pop-up café is a project of Eneïda exhibition curators and Dmytro Borysov’s gastrofamily recently opened in the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The basis of its concept has two stages of senses.

Firstly, it has to remind of the “Aeneas” legendary café, that used to function near The Writer’s House and, during a long period of time, was one of the centers of intellectual life of the city. So “Aeneas” café aims to become a space for open communication, educational and art events, another platform for discussing the exhibition while drinking coffee and eating tasty snacks.
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Secondly “Aeneas” café refers to the text of Eneïda by Ivan Kotliarevsky, Ukrainian writer, poet and playwright, social activist, regarded as the pioneer of modern Ukrainian literature. The colorful descriptions of feasts are a great source of knowledge about Ukrainian history, culture and gastronomy. Among the mentioned dishes there are dumplings, kulish, tetrya, potaptsi, zubtsi, saltwort, soup with hlyaks and many others.
In Aeneas café anyone can try modern variations of some traditional dishes. For example, potaptsi – a cossack sandwich, usually with lard and garlic – is served here with meat and egg or salmon, whereas knyshi are cooked with blood sausage and onion marmalade. There are also other delicacies, as forshmak with apple paste, marinated foie gras, godyvo and buckwheat breads with caviar. Price for each snack starts from UAH 30 to UAH 39. Besides that in Aeneas you can order oysters (UAH 59 per each), mors, lemonade, coffee, cocoa etc.
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Aeneas café will work on weekends during the program events of Aeneida project.
Also the program includes two purely gastronomic events: a lection, called “Gastronomic trip through Aeneida” with a presentation of Ukrainian cuisine tasting set and a lecture on the history of Ukrainian alcoholic drinks, tasting of Ukrainian wines and cheeses.
Address: Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St, 6, Kyiv.
photos provided by Aeneas cafe

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