All.True.East Restaurant in Kyiv

All.True.East Restaurant in Kyiv

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All.true.east is a new concept restaurant in Kyiv downtown, which was opened less than two weeks ago. Still working in a test mode but causing quite a hype already, All.true.east boasts an interesting ecological and healthy eating concepts as well as hip interior design and simply delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.

All.true.east, the combination of words «all», «true» and «east» is a perfect reflection of the restaurant’s concept. Moreover it’s a cute wordplay, as the name of the place is pronounced as French word «altruiste», which also can be referred to the overall ideology of the place.
The interior design of the place was created by Loft Buro, an ambitious design studio who stands behind interiors of such iconic Kyiv places as CHI Restaurant, Ostannya Barykada, L’Etage and quite a number of other. The place has a light and breathy atmosphere with lots of green and wooden textures. The Restaurant consists of 2 separate areas. The main sitting area located on the first floor offers a spacious and comfortable place with natural lighting and interesting designer details. The downstairs space is more secluded and offers more private and intimate atmosphere. Here guests also can observe how the kitchen is functioning through the spacious window, which is a designer take on popular open kitchen concept.
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The menu might look rather short, however on the closer look, an experienced foodies will admit that it is exceptionally well set. All.true.east restaurant offers some traditional dishes from Middle Eastern countries like Israel and Lebanon. From what we’ve seen at the numerous reviews left on All.true.east’s Facebook page, guests love their signature hummus and freshly baked breads.

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Healthy food in a hip interior design wrap - that’s what can be said about new All.true.east Restaurant in Kyiv. 
Address: 1, Antonovycha street, Kyiv.
Photo Source: All.True.East facebook page

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