'Bessarabia' Restaurant in Kyiv Downtown

'Bessarabia' Restaurant in Kyiv Downtown
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This new restaurant is an addition to Dima Borisov’s gastro-family. Bessarabia is located on Bessarabkska square and it focuses on cuisine of Bessarabia region. Be sure to go there to treat yourself with the freshest seafood, delicious meat and fish main courses, amazing cocktails and delicate desserts with a cup of flavored coffee.

Bessarabia was opened only a couple of days ago; but there are almost no free tables. This is not surprising, taking into account the impeccable taste of brand-chef Dima Borisov, which he manifests in everything he does, starting from the menu and institutions in terms of the concept to the interior and magic of good mood creation for the guests.
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The bright and colorful carpets ordered from different parts of Bessarabia and made in different periods of the 20th century catch the sight from the very beginning. They reflect the traditional style of the region.
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The restaurant is divided into several zones. On the first floor there is a full-fledged seafood bar and the restaurant itself. On the lower level there is a mix of a lounge and a bar for the company. Artem Lebedev – the mixologist and chef bartender – is very responsible with what he does and uses boundless imagination in his work. In the menu there are about 11 copyright cocktails. If the cocktail goes with ice, it is a huge block of ice that melts slowly, creating the right drink saturation. Cocktails here are based on a systematic understanding of the chemical and physical processes associated with alcohol. In the upper rooms guests can enjoy cocktails from the bar; the bartender will rise up and take the order.
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Slava Babich is a chef-barista of the gastro-family. Tea is offered in siphons for maximum flavor disclosure; and coffee is the specialty of the restaurant – it is freshly roasted and prepared in a very cool coffee machine. Anyone can appreciate the loyal approach to guests by ordering coffee with almond milk or lactose-free one, which here in the restaurant costs the same as traditional milk (although their prices are several times higher than the price for the usual milk).
The products
The gastronomic concept of the place is constructor-based. A grocery of Bessarabia is the basis of the restaurant: river and sea fish, frogs' legs, snails, meat dishes.
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Seafood bar is a very important part of the restaurant. It is not the idea to copy paste the Bessarabia cuisine over here - there is the idea of taking the region's products, technology and ideas and to make a modern trendy restaurant. So there is Danubian tar-tar, rapa whelk ceviche with addition of trendy products like pear and avocado mousses, mango sauces and so on. Here you can taste modern trendy dishes with local specialties. Those who are looking for an authentic recipe, can enjoy hominy (mamalyga) and Plachinda - very traditional, but with interesting fruit and cottage cheese sauces.
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Frog legs are served with honey-mustard sauce and are called Lolli-frogs, as they look like small lollipops. Wild snails come from the "Colonist" farm of Mr. Plachkov.
The restaurant adheres to the idea that even a simple river fish can surprise with its taste due to the right approach. So, there was a carpaccio, tar-tar and ceviche of carp, catfish, shrimps from the Black Sea with a very delicate taste.
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Fresh fish in the window is also a joy for gourmets. You can select any and it will be cooked in any possible way. Caviar Bar is presented by Ukrainian products. These are pike caviar, herring caviar, black and red caviar of gastro-family brand that are produced at the farm near Kyiv.
Many dishes from fish and seafood are represented by Balkan and Serbian cuisine. For example, there are soups with tomato sauce, crayfish and mussels cooked with the shells with citrus fruits.
There are traditional Bessarabia soups as well - Chorba and Zama.
Special attention should be paid to meat dishes, especially lamb. The same method of meat aging as for the beef is used for it. It turns into tender lamb back, braised leg of lamb, lamb torn (stewed). Lamb kidneys are really delicious.
Very bright side dishes are served to main course: peas, spinach, kumquats, tomatoes and so on as well as a variety of sauces and spreads.
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Gastro-family has a formed idea of collecting good Ukrainian wines: wine of Trubetskoi, Colonist, Great Valley and Shabo, but it is not only about ordinary wines, there are interesting vintages as well. Here you can choose Moldovan wine and wines of all countries on the banks of the Danube region - Hungarian, Austrian, German wines as well as Old World wines.

The menu has about 10 positions of various desserts. You can try Smetannik, honey cake, Napoleon, double brownie with raspberry, cheesecake with gorgonzola, panna-cotta with lime, etc.
With whatever mood and reason you come to this restaurant - for a snack, a cup of coffee, with a large group of friends, for a romantic dinner or for a Sunday lunch with family - you will always find here something nice for yourself.
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This spring gastro-family of Dima Borisov is preparing good surprises for foodies in Kyiv with opening three more unusual venues. We are looking forward.
Address: 7, Bessarabska Square, Kyiv
Photos by Anna Vishtak

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