Chicken Kyiv: New Restaurant by Dima Borysov

Chicken Kyiv: New Restaurant by Dima Borysov

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Dima Borisov restaurant family is celebrating the opening of the new venue. Chicken Kyiv, Mono-product restaurant, is located on Khreshchatyk street in the heart of Ukraine’s capital and it offers an interesting take on the iconic chicken dish well known and beloved all over the world.

The menu is rather laconic. This is a mono-product restaurant, rather new gastronomic concept for Kyiv, which means that almost all the items on the menu include chicken. Restaurant’s menu consists of 32 items plus breakfast menu.
Breakfasts are served from 8 AM. Breakfast menu offers poached eggs with smoked salmon, green beans and caviar, fried eggs with chicken sausages, French toast with caramel topping, granola with homemade blackcurrant jam and yoghurt.
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However, the centerpiece of the menu (no surprise here) is Chicken Kyiv. The Chef of the restaurant cooks a classical version of this dish as well as an interesting interpretation of it, which is «Fish» Kyiv (prepared from zander). Guests can also enjoy gourmet soups, salads, chicken liver pate cake, chicken wings with signature sauces and many other interesting dishes.
Chicken Kyiv also has a secret bar. To get into the bar and sample cocktails specially mixed for the restaurant by famous mixologist Artem Lebedev, guests have to check-in at Chicken Kyiv via one of the mobile applications.

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The interior design of the place reminds of 70s and 80s Soviet era elite restaurants. Lacquered wooden surfaced, stained glass windows, brass lamps and furniture details strike some nostalgia and old memories.
Address: 15/4, Khreshchatyk street, Kyiv.
Photo source: Chicken Kyiv Facebook Page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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