Fair Finch Coffee shop in Kyiv

Fair Finch Coffee shop in Kyiv

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Coffee culture continues to evolve in Ukraine. It seems like Kyiv Vozdvizhenka area is becoming something of a coffee mecca of the capital. Fair Finch coffee shop in Kyiv has opened its doors for guests 2 years ago and now is popular destination for the coffee fans.

Coffee shop owner Roman Ponomariov is the judge of the International Coffee Award "Cup of Excellence", judge of the Ukrainian Barista Championship, and also a member of the jury of the SALT Restaurant Award.

The desire to show the whole process that coffee passes from the farm to the finished drink in the guest's cup led to the fact that Fair Finch is not just another coffee shop, but an entire center, where each visitor can trace the life stages of coffee. Fair Finch differs from the average coffee house in its size - it occupies 600 square meters. This huge area comprises Fair Finch cafe, Certified Barista School, Tasting Room and Kitchen. The interior is laconic not to distract visitors’ attention from the most important thing here - the coffee.
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All Fair Finch coffee is delivered directly from producer farmers and awarded with the Cup of Excellence Award - this is the most revered coffee prize award for the best coffee worldwide.
The name "Fair Finch" means Honest Frost, all because the institution is open to guests and can be traced to the process of roasting, cooking coffee or food and everything that’s on offer is of the highest quality meaning the place stays fair and loyal to its clients.

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Guests can sample three most popular types of coffee: Honduras Katimer, Honduras Katoi and Costa Rica Caturra. Barista will gladly tell the guests about the varieties of coffee in the menu. The barista team was trained to prepare prime espresso, cappuccino, purover, aerospace and siphon coffee.
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Address: 45/49 Vozdvizhenska street, Kyiv.
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