MAMAN Restaurant in Odesa

MAMAN Restaurant in Odesa

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Odesa dining scene offers what seems like an endless number of atmospheric restaurants and MAMAN restaurant is definitely somewhere at the top of that list. Offering a unique dining experience and overall ambiance, this place will awe its guests with its authentic Odesan charm.

«Maman» is how locals often address their mothers, elegant and refined Odesa women. They know how to cook, have a good taste and keep track of culinary trends. All these things perfectly describe the concept of the restaurant. The menu consists of traditional Black Sea cuisine as well as some interesting interpretations of Ukrainian dishes.
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The interior of the place is very cozy. It reminds of a comfortable living room in a spacious and airy local apartment. There are many interesting items scattered around the place such as vintage mirrors, restaurant owners’ portraits, various brick-a-crack on the shelves, candelabras - all these things look very organic in this place as they create the overall look of a vibrant living space perfect for dining and having a good time.

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MAMAN restaurant is located in the heart of the city just across the road from Odesa Opera House. It is nestled in a quiet part and boasts a cozy little outdoor terrace.

Getting back to the menu, it is a good combination of the most popular international cuisine dishes. One of the most popular dishes at the restaurant is MAMAN stake. Their signature warm tuna salad has also received positive feedback from many guests. The restaurant offers a wide dessert menu and a well-picked wine list.
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Address: 18, Lanzheronivs'ka St., Odesa
Photo source: MAMAN Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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