New Restaurants in Lviv: Winter 2018

New Restaurants in Lviv: Winter 2018

Tourist mecca in Western Ukraine opens many doors for the locals and visitors, including ones of the new authentic restaurants. Hidden away in the winding streets or proudly occupying centuries-old historical buildings, all of them are joined in a simple mission – deliver with fresh and tasty food. Check out the new Lviv restaurants for this winter.

Plove House

Plove House is a restaurant of Oriental cuisine, but not the one Ukrainians aren't typically used to. Firstly, it's a place where chefs cook authentic Azerbaijan cuisine and introduce its flavors to the public. Then, most importantly, almost each product for the dishes is imported from Baku, to save the original taste. The main speciality of the place is pilaf, or plove, hence the name. This dish of rice cooked in seasoned broth with various fillings is taken to a new level here. Visitors can order 10 types of pilaf – 4 of them are always on the menu, and 6 should be pre-ordered. Interior decor is brought from Azerbaijan, too.
Address: 17, Soborna Square
Otset Restaurant

Otset has opened once again after a half-year repair, and it welcomes its visitors once again. Here guests will find dishes from the European and Pan-Asian cuisine. Design of the place is worth mentioning – there are three long halls that occupy the space of the building. Decorative vinegar bottles hang here and there on the walls of the restaurant, as the place's speciality is 10 different types of vinegar they use to bring out the best taste. Hence, the name, and logo, where one can also recognize the acetic bottle and corkscrew. There are tips to try beef with cheesecakes and wine sauce. By the way, Otset has a wide wine list and hookah.
Address: 25, Ploshcha Rynok
Green Garden

The recently opened restaurant in Lviv is in fact a second spot of the Green Garden branch – the first restaurant was opened in Stryi, Lviv region. Green Garden's menu is mainly focused on the classics and new trends of the Asian cuisine: here guests will find sushi of various types, including sushi rolls, ramen, as well as newly beloved wok. Ramen with beef in teriyaki sauce is highly recommended by the visitors. Business lunches are also available here in five options. Besides, the menu offers salads, pancakes and pasta.
Address: 5, Tershakovtsiv street
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Power Food

This restaurant is a new mecca for the lovers of balanced and nourishing food. Owners of the place, as well as chef, took the goal seriously: they developed a unique menu, where the amount of calories was taken into consideration. Besides, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are balanced in every dish in Power Food restaurant. Here staff believes that balanced nutrition is the basis of strong health and, most importantly, good mood. Cozy atmosphere of the place is perfect for both casual get-togethers with friends as well as romantic dates. So far, visitors have specially noted bruschetta with poached egg, pumpkin paste, cream cheese and cherry tomatoes and latte with soy milk.
Address: 20D, Porokhova street
Yushka Shnitsel

This well-known restaurant is in fact one of the veterans of the culinary scene in Lviv. However, it changed its address this winter, and opened its doors to greet visitors with a brand-new interior design. The concept and the menu stayed the same, beloved by many locals and hundreds of tourists. The menu is based on the dishes of Ukrainian (Galician) and Austrian cuisines: at Yushka Shnitsel guests will be able to try soups (borscht, bohrach, mushroom soup), five types of schnitzel, as well as salads and appetizers. All dishes are served with homemade sauces. The appetizers are the most 'international' section on the menu, presenting several options of fish dishes, hummus and chicken wings.
Address: 33, Lesi Ukrainky street

This restaurant's atmosphere reminds of the one its namesake lived in: stylish interior, live music and various delicious dishes. The menu is concentrated on European cuisine, in particular different types of meat. Live music every evening, for instance jazz improvisation on saxophone is one of the main things that lures in the visitors here. The broad bar list is available here and will satisfy the needs of romantic dinners, birthdays and brunches.
Address: 230, Kulparkivska street
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