Organic Café by Glossary in Kyiv

Organic Café by Glossary in Kyiv

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Organic Café by Glossary is more than just a place where guests can enjoy healthy food. This is a place that houses a whole concept on harmony in our lives, healthy lifestyle and the environmental care. Glossary is a unique healthy-living themed destination in Kyiv. Here guests can attend a day SPA and wellness center, stock up on organic cosmetics and enjoy a meal at the Organic Café.

Organic Café by Glossary is located in the heart of Kyiv at 40/2 Volodymyrska street and offers a great view over the Golden Gates. Housed in a historical building this dining spot boasts an exceptional eco-design dominated by wooden textures and all kinds of green details. Occupying the 2 floors of the building, Organic Café offers an airy and comfortable space for dining. The background tunes feature an interesting mix of nature sounds: ocean waves beating against the beach, birds singing and the sound of wind in trees or rustling leaves. On Thursdays' and Fridays’ nights guess are welcome to attend live piano performances.
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All the food at the menu is as healthy as it is delicious. The main principles of cooking by Henri Chenot and Pierre Dukan are used in all the signature dishes offered in the Organic Café’s menu. Artur Bandurko, Chef of the restaurant, masterfully combines fresh products delivered from local farms with trendy super foods such as goji berries, matcha, aloe vera and spirulina. Many dishes also feature traditional Ukrainian products such as dandelion, pumpkin or buckthorn oil dressing for salads.

All the dishes are served very artistically. Food stylists prepared the whole concept of presenting the dish to the guests and it looks like they were inspired by popular modernists’ art, as the food on the plate looks vibrant and awes with combination of textures.

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As for the drinks, many guests visit Organic Café to try their signature Antioxidant Booster drink, which can be found nowhere else in Kyiv. This is a mix of Japanese Mutsu apple fresh juice, kiwi and agave syrup. The wine list offers a great selection of organic wines from around the world.
If you are a healthy lifestyle adept or just would like to try something new in your dining and wining routine, Organic Café by Glossary in Kyiv is a place to attend.
Photo source: Organic Café by Glossary Facebook Page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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