P.Pelmeni Food Place at Besarabsky Market

P.Pelmeni Food Place at Besarabsky Market

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New street food joint has recently opened at Besarabsy Market. P. Pelmeni offers wide variety of «pelmeni» with various fillings and sauces, all freshly made, boiled and served.

Most people associate pelmeni with Siberia, and many recipes and references to the dish call it "Siberian dumplings." Pelmeni probably did originate in Siberia, where hundreds or even thousands could be made, and then frozen and stored outside during the long winters. However, the dumplings became very popular all over Europe and especially in Ukraine.
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P. Pelmeni offers boiled and fried pelmeni: classic with veal meat, pork or chicken and signature ones with salmon or cheese dorblu; pelmell with mashed potatoes and sweet cottage cheese (served with melted chocolate sauce).

This street food joint is proud to use only the highest quality products for their dishes: farmers’ meat and cheeses, herbs and vegetables. The restaurant also plans to offer special pelmeni soup in the nearest future. Guests can also buy frozen pack of pelmeni to cook this delicious dish at home. 
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Address: 2, Besarabska Square; inside Besarabskyy Market.

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Image source: P_Pelmeni Facebook page, pinterest.com. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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