RAY restaurant in Kyiv

RAY restaurant in Kyiv

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Ray is a multi-concept restaurant that was recently opened on the 7th floor of Gulliver shopping mall in Kyiv. This place offers early breakfasts, beautiful panorama over Kyiv’s downtown roofs, atmospheric dinners, well mixed drinks and impressive wine menu.

Ray is an ideal place to pop in and recharge your energy in between the shopping runs through one of the biggest capital’s shopping malls Gulliver. The restaurant is divided into 2 parts: the restaurant and the cafe-bar area. The cafe and bar offer sumptuous breakfasts, various cocktails and lunch sets. RAY restaurant is a great option to attend for dinner. Simple yet original fish and meat dishes can be perfectly paired with a glass of fine wine. The wine collection of Ray is rather impressive. The restaurant offers some classic wines but also wines that are less known and from slightly more interesting regions of the world and grape varieties.
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The team working at Ray restaurant is an interesting mix of professionals. Restaurant’s brand-chef, Kasper Gaard is a well-known Danish culinary expert, who’s been overlooking restaurants in London and Moscow. The chef of Ray, Kristian Klausen is also from Denmark and before coming to Kyiv has been working in restaurants in London and Copenhagen. Wines at the restaurant are supervised by the best sommelier in Ukraine, Oleh Kravchenko and drinks are mixed by the winner of the Bar Spirit Cup Andriy Kuzhavskyy.

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Ray can be a perfect option for a quick and pleasant lunch with friends during the day or a nice and romantic dinner date destination later at night when the glass of wine and gourmet food can be enjoyed overlooking the sunset over Kyiv skyline.
Address: 1A, Sportyvna street, Kyiv, Shopping mall Gulliver, 7th floor.
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Image source: RAY Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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