Restaurant Fabius: Cheese Farm, Eco Green-House and Artisan Bakery

Restaurant Fabius: Cheese Farm, Eco Green-House and Artisan Bakery

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Fabius is a country restaurant located near Kyiv which presents an unusual for the capital’s dining scene concept. It houses its own cheese farm, green-houses and bakery on its territory, providing high quality and fresh products for restaurant’s dishes.

Fabius’s menu has distinguished Italian accents. Restaurant’s chef Vyacheslav Isaev studied in Italy and learned many secrets of the authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The chef uses imported Italian flour Sole di Napoli and special herbs for pizza, which is baked in a special Stefano Ferrara oven pre-heated to 450-500 C.
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The restaurant also offers ten kinds of locally made cheeses and fragrant freshly baked breads. The cheese farm can be attended by guests who can learn about cheese making traditions and witness the whole process. Fabius cheese farm was supervised by well-known Italian cheese-guru Mauricio Rossini.

The green-house of the restaurant provides fragrant herbs, fresh lettuce, flowers and vegetables. The wine list of Fabius is composed very cleverly. It offers a great variety of wines from a well-known European wine regions of France, Italy and Spain as well as many options from «new territories» wine regions: Australia, South Africa and Chile.

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Fabius country restaurant near Kyiv consists of 5 separate sitting areas and panoramic terrace with an open kitchen. Children can spend some fun time at the specially designed kids’ zone with mazes, slides, trampolines and other exiting activities.

Address: 70, Stolychne Shosse, Kyiv.
Photo: Fabius Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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