Squat 17B Yard Cafe in Kyiv

Squat 17B Yard Cafe in Kyiv
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Squat 17B Yard Cafe is a cozy coffee shop, located in a secretly hidden yard near Taras Shevchenko National University in the center of Ukrainian capital. The cafe impresses with its really unique interior and pleasant atmosphere. 

The design of Squat 17B Yard Cafe keeps to pop art style, which is reflected in vintage music plates, beautiful paintings on the walls, wooden retro furniture and many creative decor elements, such as flowers growing in tea pots. Any visitor immediately feels that the owners put all their imagination, creativity and inspiration into creation of Squat 17B Yard Cafe. Guests can feel the soul of this place while sitting on comfortable chairs with a tasty authorial cocktail or a cup of coffee.
Squat 17B is the first cafe in Kyiv located right in the yard. The cafe is open only in warm season due to its outdoor format. In warm spring or summer days, visitors like to hide here from noisy city, enjoying delicious drinks and desserts and smoking sweet hookah. Though its hidden location, Squat 17B Yard Cafe is pretty popular and always have guests.
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The squat on Tereschenska street was established in 2007. First, the squat occupied two buildings, No 17b and No 17v, and served as home for around 18 people. In 2013, the owner of the building decided to sell it, so the squat residents had to move out. Nowadays, the squat occupies only the second floor of additional building and yard, and has only a few residents. Squat 17B Yard Cafe was opened in 2015 by Daria Kryzh and Myroslav Kryzh, the founders of squat. The location quickly gained popularity and became not only a cafe, but also a creative hub, a place, which attracts interesting people of all kinds.
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Squat 17B Yard Cafe is regularly used for holding different events, such as thematic parties, cinema evenings, home concerts, open meetings with media personalities, diverse lectures, workshops and master-classes on painting, literature and other. Since the opening of Squat 17B Yard Cafe two years ago, more than 50 art and charity events were held here. In summertime, music of different genres is often performed at this location. The musicians play on Hang-drums and jaw harps, perform blues, popular DJs play their lively sets. In the mornings, yoga classes are held on the cafe territory. Squat 17B Yard Cafe owners keep to the principle of free events, they only put donation box – so the guests can decide themselves how to express their gratitude. The menu of Squat 17B Yard Cafe is quite simple, but all items are really nice and tasty. The guests are offered various types of coffee (lavender coffee is highly recommended), Pu-erh tea, mate, cocoa, shakes and lemonades. As for food, Squat 17B Yard Cafe is known for tasty cheesecakes, muffins and cheese plates.
Discover interesting concept art space in Squat 17B Yard Cafe in Kyiv.
Address: 17v, Tereschenska street
Photo source: Facebook page of Squat 17B Yard Cafe. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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