Top 5 Kharkiv Restaurants

Top 5 Kharkiv Restaurants

Being one of the largest Ukrainian cities, Kharkiv can boast its rich history and architectural monuments. Your stay in Kharkiv would be incomplete without going to local restaurants, which can please their visitors with a soulful atmosphere, tasty cuisine, and relaxing music. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in the city, which offer dishes of traditional Ukrainian and international cuisine. 

However, there are top 5 restaurants, which are worth visiting, when you are in Kharkiv.
Vzletayushiy Drakon

One of the best Kharkiv restaurants is Vzletayushiy Drakon ("The Rising Dragon"), which specializes in Asian cuisine. 3 menus are served in the restaurant, which include modern Japanese, traditional Chinese and modern Vietnamese cuisines.
The restaurant’s visitors can also try several dishes of European cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is very impressive, because its lower hall resembles the Chinese city with pagoda on the water, while the upper Vietnamese-style hall reminds of the imperial throne room. This place is an excellent place for big events.
45 Heroiv Stalingradu Ave., Kharkiv
Tel.: +38 (057) 714-83-44, (067) 546-82-90
Victoria Restaurant
Located in Victoria hotel in Kharkiv, this 24-hour restaurant offers its visitors the best Ukrainian dishes. This is the place where you can have a delicious dinner, hold a business meeting or celebrate your birthday or even a wedding. The restaurant has 2 halls, which can accommodate up to 40 people. Its stylish design will help you relax and enjoy delicious cuisine. The menu of the restaurant is good and varied. You will be able to taste local and European cuisine and listen to live music performed by professional artists.
23 Prymerivska Str., Kharkiv
Tel.: 1-844-663-2269
+38 (093) 362-32-44
+38 (096) 860-17-03
Alibi Restaurant
Alibi is a fine dining restaurant located in the center of Kharkov. It can boast a luxurious interior, cozy atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. There are 3 halls over there: a ceremonial hall and two VIP-halls. Its guests can taste exotic meat and fish dishes, such as bay scallops with mango sauce, stuffed quail, and grilled ostrich fillet with caramelized apples.
4 Manizer Str., Kharkiv
Tel.: 057-704-01-01, 050-300-10-04
Araks Restaurant
The Araks restaurant is the place where its guests can have a good time in a medieval atmosphere and taste signature dishes. The menu of the restaurant includes the most delicious dishes of Caucasian and European cuisine. There is also a cozy shisha bar and a billiard room on its territory. It has a banquet hall for 120 people, and two cozy VIP-cabins for those who enjoy celebrations in a narrow circle of friends.
22 Kutuzovska Str., Kharkiv
Tel.: (067) 719-47-67, 703-64-11
Paris Dakar Karaoke-Restaurant
This unique restaurant was named after the world-famous Paris-Dakar rally. It offers European, Japanese, and Caucasian cuisines. Here each guest will be able to sing and feel like a star for a while. The karaoke restaurant offers its wonderful European, Caucasian and Japanese dishes, a large selection of popular songs and very friendly atmosphere.
2A Valentinovska, Kharkiv
Tel.: 067-542-55-55
Kharkiv is a large modern city, which offers its locals and guests a lot of dining places, such as restaurants and cafes where they can taste delicious dishes of Ukrainian and international cuisines.
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