Turkish Restaurants in the Center of Kyiv

Turkish Restaurants in the Center of Kyiv

Merhaba! It’s high time to indulge in the real spring weather with its heat and dreamy thoughts about vacation. Sometimes no matter what the thermometer shows, we still are starved for the pleasant climate after the prolonged winter. While taking a week off might not be an option for many, visiting fine dining spots with the right atmosphere may be a good solution. Destinations gathered a guide of the best Turkish restaurants in Kyiv’s downtown to enjoy the atmosphere and, of course, delights.

Turkish House
Located right in the heart of Kyiv on Khreschatyk Street, Turkish House is by far one of the most popular spots of Turkish cuisine. The menu in the restaurant is halal and quite broad, grasping everything from cold dishes to desserts. Culinary classics like Gavurdağı salad with pomegranate sauce, yogurt Kuru Cacik with mint and cucumbers, Turkish pizza Lahmacun and a whole traditional barbecue menu are present here. The restaurant has a separate section for breakfasts, offering 7 positions, including the big Turkish breakfast for two. There’s a separate room constructed specifically for salah.
Address: 24, Khreschatyk Street
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Meydan Grill Restaurant
One more spot located on Khreschatyk, this restaurant is famous not only for its convenient location but authentic Turkish cuisine. As the name suggests, the focus at Meydan Grill is a placed on a broad grill menu. The special is a young grilled lamb served with peppers. Besides, Pide —a Turkish yeast cake in the shape of a boat, which is usually cut in half and served with meat or vegetable stuffing — is another quite popular pick among the customers. It’s hard to imagine a traditional oriental restaurant without hookah; luckily it is present in the restaurant, with the most popular pick being fruit filling.
Address: 24, Khreschatyk Street
This restaurant has been dubbed as one of the best shawarma spots in Ukraine’s capital. The menu was created by a Turkish chef Ahmet Öztürk and contains various types of döner to get familiar with: from classic Turkish from veal or mutton to döner with pilaf served in pita bread or baguette. Sure enough, the menu doesn’t stop on shawarma only: another popular pick here is İskender kebab — a dish of thinly cut grilled lamb, tomato sauce and melted butter and yogurt served with pita bread. According to the visitors, its taste is no worse than one served in Istanbul.
Address: 30/10, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho Street
The Turkish Grill
One of the most hospitable Turkish restaurants and a popular meeting spot for Turkish expats is located not far from Besarabsky Market. The menu is mostly concentrated on meat dishes like various types of döner and kebab with lamb, chicken, and veal. The alcohol specialty of the place is Raki — a national Turkish drink made of twice-distilled grapes and aniseed. The drink is said to have soothing qualities and used like unconventional medicine. The Turkish Grill restaurant also has a 4-dish business lunch available from 12 to 3 P.M. on weekdays.
Address: 19, Baseina Street
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Tike was opened way back in 1998 in Istanbul by four brothers who knew the secrets of national cuisine. Years later, it became a chain restaurant with spots in Greece, England, and Ukraine. The Kyiv venue is located on Podil and is beloved by staff of the neighboring offices for its fast service and delicious menu. Like any Turkish restaurant, Tike has a broad range of meat dishes, namely from lamb and chicken: for instance, Chop Shish kebab, marinated mutton prepared on a grill, served with bulgur and rice and vegetables, or traditional shashlik. The famous Turkish delight Baklava — a sweet pastry made of filo layers filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey — is one of the most popular picks here.
Address: 31A, Petra Sahaidachnoho Street
Mangal Grill & Lounge
Finally, a Turkish restaurant located on the Olympiiska metro station, not far from the Olympiisky stadium and 10 minutes from Shevchenko park. The restaurant serves as a relaxed lounge in the daytime, and at night DJs light up the place. The menu consists of the classics of Turkish cuisine, including barbecue. There are tips to try Haydari — a Turkish yogurt dip combined with garlic and herbs. It is best served with kebab and pita bread. For those who like spicy dishes, Mangal Grill & Lounge offers Muhammara — a hot pepper dip.
Address: 33/35, Saksahanskoho Street
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