The New Food Festival at Kyiv River Port

The New Food Festival at Kyiv River Port

Food festival has become an incredibly popular entertainment format in Kyiv during the recent years. It is easily proved by the massive success of Ulichnaya Eda festival visited by many locals and tourists. This April, a new annual food festival will take place at Kyiv River Port.

Гастро Причал (“Gastronomic Port”) is the new food festival that will take place each year in the capital of Ukraine. The fest’s founders chose Kyiv River Port in Podil neighborhood as their location, which corresponds to the lively vibe. After all, the place has been a bustling spot ever since the 19th century, and after the recent repairs attracts more tourists and locals eager to explore the surroundings.
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The festival will introduce new popular dishes from European cuisine, as well as the well-known classics. Apart from food, visitors will be able to attend workshops from local chefs, and let their hair down on the dance nights with the best DJs.
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Besides, Гастро Причал will be kid-friendly: several merry-go-rounds, the Ferris wheel, and a spherical cinema will be installed at the location. Bike and rollerblades rental will be available as well.
The entrance is free.
When: starting April 28 until September
Where: Kyiv River Port
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