Tin Tin Vietnamese Restaurant at Bicycle Track in Kyiv

Tin Tin Vietnamese Restaurant at Bicycle Track in Kyiv

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Kyiv foodies are always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to food, with only two real requirements: it must be something a little different, and it must taste amazing. Judging by the amount of various Vietnamese cuisine restaurants and street food spots that have popped up recently in the capital of Ukraine, we would put our money on Vietnamese food being the next thing to explore. Tin Tin Restaurant  at bicycle track is one of the most recent additions to the Vietnamese cuisine scene of Kyiv. 

Recently opened Kyiv bicycle track seems like a perfect location for the original Vietnamese restaurant slash gastro bar Tin Tin. The place was opened by a well known in Kyiv restaurateur Vlad Maksimov, who stands behind popular Loggerhead bar  and  Deli Cafe Bite&Go.  The interior is themed around bicycles, no surprise here.
The menu offers traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as Ukrainian-Vietnamese fusion food. Banh mì, or Vietnamese-filled baguettes, is a product of colonialism. The French in Vietnam would put whatever they could find in their local market into a baguette and eat it on the go.
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Like a healthier version of the chicken baguette you’d get in the shop around the corner, this meal is filling and tasty. You have your meat or tofu, plus cucumber, coriander, carrot, daikon radish, mayonnaise, and chillis for those who like a little spice – all inside a fresh baguette.

Another popular dish at Tin Tin is, of course, traditional Vietnamese Pho soup. It is a clear noodle soup, plus your choice of meat or tofu and a ton of fresh vegetables like carrots, brocoli, mushrooms and spring onion, as well as a small plate of bean sprouts, lemons, jalapenos, mint, coriander and lemon to add extra flavour to the dish if you’d like. In case Pho soup already sounds like nothing special to you, Tin Tin offers to savor their signature Bún bò Huế soup containing rice vermicelli and spice beef. 

They have lots of vegetarian options, and are happy to use tofu instead of meat. Because the food is so simply made, it’s great for people who, for whatever reason, are restricted in what they eat.

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This place is an ideal option for a quick lunch or dinner in case you are a fan of oriental cuisine and are looking for a democratic and affordable place to enjoy it in Kyiv. 
Address: 15, Lypynskoho street, Kyiv, Velotrek (Kyiv Bicycle Track). 
Photo source: Tin Tin Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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