Wine is a special drink that often accompanies the perfect moments of our life. A romantic date with beloved one, a warm evening with friends, a calm night at home with favorite movies… A glass of good wine brings new notes and taste to any of these situations. And, of course, we need only excellent wines for our precious moments. Let`s consider 5 best Ukrainian wine brands that meet this high standard.

If you like to relax with a delicious drink, but feel a little tired of regular evenings in a pub or in a bar, we have something new to offer. What do you think about delivery of excellent wine sets or unique cocktails right to your door, or taking your favorite cocktail away from a bar and drinking it wherever you want? Sounds like a dream, but in Kyiv dreams come true.

Like a Local’s Wine Bar was opened in Kyiv downtown in December 2016 and instantly became a popular place among those who enjoy spending an evening with a glass of fine wine and listening to good music. This place offers a great selection of the best Ukrainian wines and gourmet snacks to pair them with.

Lviv, the magical city that calls for staying at least for the weekend, is famous not only for its coffee, or incredible architecture. The Western cuisine is something to discover, and each time, you will find yourself enjoying something new. Some dishes really go best with wine - but where is it best to buy it? We picked top wine shops in Lviv for guidance.

Suitable for exquisite wine-lovers and those who want to enjoy a simple, yet verified bottle, wine shops located all over Kyiv welcome new guests. «Destinations» picked the top-3 supermarkets where you can find wine to your taste.

Good dining and good wine often go hand in hand, so «Destinations» rounded up Kyiv restaurants with great wine lists.

The wine industry of Ukraine is well-established business with long traditions. Several brands of wine from Ukraine are exported to bordering countries, the European Union, and North America. Wine business in Ukraine has greatly flourished recently. Ukrainian wines have become a real trend as well as a fine addition to the local dine and wine scene.

Lala Tarapakina, the founder of "Znaydeno v Ukrayini" (Found in Ukraine) project shares her favorite destinations in Transcarpathian Ukraine to taste the best wine.

When preparing for an interview with Vitaly, I planned to discuss all the issues with him within half an hour. But in fact we talked for 2 hours and even that was not enough. While talking to the guru of wine you can open a whole new world, regardless of how deep you are in this topic.  Here is a summary of our fascinating conversation about the wine.

In case you are looking for a down-to-earth atmospheric place to enjoy a glass of good wine in Kyiv    and don’t want to splash out, «Destinations» rounds up a list of places to do so. From trendy speakeasies to grocery store wine tasting sections, we've gathered the best wine bars for your quaffing pleasure.

Good Wine premium grocery store in Kyiv has undergone some major renovation recently. Now customers can enjoy an impressive selection of top-notch products from deli corner, grill zone, healthy food section as well as interesting conceptual solutions in liquor section.

Ukrainian wineries gathered again in order to discuss the future of the winemaking business in Ukraine. Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, «Ukrainska Pravda» Media Group and «Ukrvinprom» Winery Corporation in association with «Ukrainian Bureau of Grapes and Wines» took part in Second National Winemaking Forum that took place in Kyiv on December 14, 2016.

On December 18th, 2016 Alkohoreci organized fun and interesting Pellegrino Party Event. Organizers opt for quite different from the conventional degustation/presentation format of the event and threw a real party with popular DJ Ksenia Palfy and Carte Blanche Cover Band.  Guests were greeted by export-manager of the wine house Mr Giuseppe Barocco.

Photo: Provided by National Winery Forum 
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, «Ukrainska Pravda» Media Group and «Ukrvinprom» Winery Corporation in association with «Ukrainian Bureau of Grapes and Wines» are happy to announce the Second National Winemaking Forum that will take place in Kyiv on December 14, 2016.

Horeca Show in Lviv is all about the good vibes in the food service industry. The organizers of HoReCa Show are looking forward to welcoming numerous guests to the biggest food service trade fair in Ukraine from 9 to 11 November 2016. Discover the trends, feel the passion, experience the atmosphere, share your network and have fun.

Good wines do not always come with a fancy label or a high price tag. These days you can find good wine in almost any price range in average wine stores or supermarkets. Odessa is not an exception. If you’re looking for a great wine that you’re sure to be pleased with, «Destinations» rounded up best places to buy wine in Odessa.

Enjoy browsing a range of delicious cheeses, wines and related products at Lviv Wine and Cheese Festival. Following the great success of the last year’s festival, Wine and Cheese Fest is coming back to Lviv with fresh outlook, gathering numerous local and foreign brands and farms.

Hot mulled wine became popular in the 2nd century. It was created by the Romans who heated their wine to help warm themselves against the cold. As the Romans conquered much of Europe they brought hot wine with them and it became popular as well as with the people within their trading networks.

Every once in a while when dining out, instead of ordering a bottle from the restaurant’s wine list, guests would like to bring one of their own. Restaurants usually encourage people to order from their in-house wines list, but sometimes guests have a special bottle they’ve been saving for the occasion to enjoy with fine food at their favorite restaurant. 

On October 1st and 2nd, Kyiv will host the seventh Food and Wine Festival. This time the festival theme will be wine and meat. In addition to an interesting theme the festival will move to the new location. In 2016 all the foodies are invited to taste the classical combination of fine wine and selected meats at Expocenter of Ukraine known as VDNH complex.

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