Emblem of Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Emblem of Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Finally, the long-awaited spring has come. But spring has prepared for Ukrainians not only good weather and sunny emotions. Ukrainians and tourists, who will come to Ukraine, will be able to see the most outstanding musical event of this spring - the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Kyiv in May, 2017.

Ukraine was honored to hold this year’s Eurovision contest thanks to glorious victory of the Ukrainian singer Jamala with her song ‘1944’ in Stockholm last year. The Eurovision contest will take place in Ukraine for the second time. 43 contestants will come to Kyiv to compete with others for victory.
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In the meanwhile, the preparations for the Eurovision are under way, and Ukraine has already presented its official slogan and emblem for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. This year’s slogan sounds as ‘Celebrate Diversity’, while the Eurovision emblem design is represented by a traditional Ukrainian necklace consisting of numerous beads which is called ‘Namysto’ (necklace). Each bead represents a unique design, thus reflecting individuality and diversity at the same time. Such necklaces have been popular among Ukrainian women. The Eurovision Namysto was created by 2 Ukrainian agencies (such as Republique and Band) which united their creative efforts to design this unique logo.
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The logo represents the spirit of Ukrainian lifeand reflects the result of centuries-old development of Ukrainian culture. For hundreds years, Namysto has been used not only as a piece of jewelry, but also as a powerful amulet. What is more, such necklaces symbolized both beauty and strong health.
In the Middle Ages the first beads were made of vegetables and fruits such as guelder rose. Later on, Slavic jewellers started using other materials for making necklaces (such as stones, metals, glass and wood). People believed that such necklaces could protect them from evil spirits and diseases. There were also necklaces made of expensive materials (including amber, coral, pearls, and garnet). Only wealthy Ukrainian women could afford to buy such necklaces.

Moreover, most Ukrainian women never left their homes without wearing a necklace. In other words, the namysto was worn both in everyday life and on festive occasions. The rich woman had 10 or even more strings of beads around her neck, while the poor woman wore only 2 or 3 strings of beads.
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However, necklaces made of red corals were the most popular among Ukrainian women because red colour symbolized youth and strong health.
This year everyone who will come to Kyiv will be able to get acquainted with Ukrainian history and experience the power of Ukrainian traditions.
Eurovision 2017 emblem underlines that Ukrainian diversity is an advantage that makes people stronger.
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